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  1. Stick Man Family

    Sorry Graphxxx didn't see your post when i had replied, but thank you. Thx PMG i am going to check 'em out now!
  2. Stick Man Family

    Sorry..i missed the link...But ok.. i got the point...don't draw them! LOL So...does anyone know where to find them then??? LOL!
  3. Stick Man Family

    I'm sorry...i'm a little slow... was that sarcasm like..."don't try and draw them whatever you do"...because what i asked was so stupid?
  4. Stick Man Family

    I'm sure some of you have seen it...or even cut it yourself...but i've often seen little stickman family decals on the back of ppl's vehicles and now they even have it on FACEBOOK. Does anyone know where to get this vector art?:Canada:
  5. I'm sure this is a fairly common font..

    Oh..sorry about that. I thought the ph# that was on the sign was the same font, so when i went to type it out the font didnt match the ph# on the it must be a different font for the sincere apologies :(
  6. I'm sure this is a fairly common font..

    I dont think that's what it is, but i'm going to use it anyway!!
  7. I'm sure this is a fairly common font..

    It looks kinda similar to Goudy Stout wouldn't you say? I think i may go with that one, i'm just using the font for the ph# anyway, so i'm sure they wont complain. Thanks all!
  8. I'm sure this is a fairly common font..

    Thank you. And my apologies, i was not aware of that!
  9. I'm sure this is a fairly common font..

    but i can't seem to identify it :( Any takers??
  10. HELP PLZ! I know...i'm always last minute!

    Thx for all the replies! I will try all of these!
  11. HELP PLZ! I know...i'm always last minute!

    My apologies, i know i'm always a last minute person, but most times it's cause i give in to these last minute jobs!! Signlab is my program of choice..however...what i want to do is change the size of the roll. I think right now it's set to about 72" or something like that, but i want to set...
  12. Font help

    Thank you for your replies and advice. I will certainly try that next time i post a link. Sorry it took me so long to internet was down yesterday :(
  13. Font help

    Let me start off by saying HAPPY 4th OF JULY to y'all! Hope you are enjoying your holiday...those who are able to take it off!! HAHA!! I'm wondering if someone can help me with the font on the attached link. Once you click, scroll down to the bottom and it should be on your right hand side. It...
  14. Ioline Studio 8 Blade Help Plz!

    Uh blade holder came apart and i cant seem to put it back together. I only have a million things to cut today, so i'm hoping someone can walk me through piecing it back together. I've tried, but i cant get the blade to stay tight in the holder. Any help ASAP would be greatly...
  15. Canoes

    Thank you!
  16. Canoes

    Just wanted to bump this, so i can show i edited it with another question!?
  17. Canoes

    Am I blind??? I've been looking through the 3 MEGA COLLECTION catalogues and cannot seem to find any canoes :( Has anyone else come across any??? Editing this post to say....I finally found a picture of a canoe it's in Mega Collection #2 little come it doesnt appear when...
  18. Howdy from Alberta Canada

    No advice as far as equipment as i am also fairly new at this. But just wanted to say welcome from a fellow albertan....where bouts you from??
  19. Ice Cubes

    I'm looking for 1 color (pref. vector) ice cubes, or i thought another option could be the "snowy" font. Or...does that look too much like snow??
  20. Ice Cubes Ice Cube...the rapper! I have a customer who owns a liquor store and wants some new "ICE" decals to put on the coolers...I'm having trouble finding some ice clipart, can't seem to find any in the 6 books that i have....anyone have such a thing or can tell me where to find it (no i'm...