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  1. Suggestions ADA Signs

    Hello, I didn't find an old reference so does anyone have a suggestion for plastic ADA sign supplier? I looked at Gemini and Howard but not what Im looking for.
  2. Black Printing Problem SP540V

    Yep, looks exactly like mine did 1k dollars ago!!!
  3. EstiMate ?

    It is a plug in. I have the new estimate 2.0. I believe it has a description on the website of what comes with the software and a trial you can get.
  4. This Effect

    Just use the bevel in photoshop in the layers menu. Use the blending options when you right click the layer.
  5. How do you open a file if you dont have the font.

    Yep thats what it is, Im not sure if it was a new vista font but I think it is.
  6. flexi looks grainy on screen...

    hmmm actually looks like they changed that option in 8.5 because I dont see it under font options anymore. Also mine dont really look grainy either like I remember in 7.6 edited.... Ok thats where it is now in 8.5 where pmg is showing. It looks crisp on the screen with that screen smoothing...
  7. flexi looks grainy on screen...

    I would bet its mainly the fonts. There is an option for font smoothing that makes everything look crips on the screen but you can see the cut lines will be off a bit because your dealing with pixels on screen vs vector or point to point.
  8. Diage Laminator

    Hmmm I had to replace a roller for my daige 30" and it was about 200.00I believe for the lower roller. Mine had uneven spots in it which didnt show up using a sled but did without the sled.
  9. Flexi 8.5 and Versacamm SP300

    hmmmm interesting. I do have a extension on the usb cable and it is about 25 ft. I know this setup worked in 7.6 but maybe the new production manager is more sensitive. Anybody have Flexi 8.5 and Roland SP300 that can POLL consistantly?????
  10. Flexi 8.5 and Versacamm SP300

    ok, I need some more flexi 8.5 and SP300 users. Can you poll media size via usb if thats what your using??
  11. Signs 101 Design Off number 2 Entries VOTE HERE

    Hmmm I hope I voted right. I actually voted on creativity and not which I would most like to have as my logo!! Looks like there are 2 types here. One with fun in mind and the other with what you would actually display as a logo.
  12. 1st Design off, window perf challenge, Astours vs. Shovelhead

    Hmmm I have to agree #2 has it. The texture effect in 1 just dont get it for me and of Bend seems to stick out the most.. the of way to big.
  13. Black head replacement + install..... CRAZY!!!!!

    I spent little less than 1k on head and installation. The tech had to drive over one and half hours one way to got to me though.
  14. Upgrading from 8.1 to 8.5

    Hey Matt, I am having an issue with the Versacamm SP300 not polling vinyl size. The previous versions did and I use usb connection. I have reported the problem but how long does engineering take to correct?? I really need that option.
  15. Are the Daige Quickmounts really that bad?

    I have the old Daige QM3 and I have ran quite a few rolls of laminate through it WITHOUT a sled! Its a great machine when you learn the tricks and dont really have the cash for a big one. The new QM4 is much better than the 3 since they have added a paper reel on the front and changed the belt...
  16. Does anybody use EstiMate?

    I am on my trial right now and got it to also help with digital pricing. I like it so far! It just takes some time to get it all set up and I guess most people dont care for the sliders that you use to adjust price for market value and difficulty. It is reasonable when you look around at other...
  17. Versacamm cutting issue?

    My post was referring to bad cuts on corners and not straight cuts. Problems with straight cuts can be nicked protection strips.
  18. Versacamm cutting issue?

    There is a bearing in your blade holder and depending on amount of usage the holders do wear out. You could try a drop of fine machine oil on the bearing. I have replaced these on my roland before when it didnt rotate as in the holder easily.
  19. Font organising

    Wow, that reminds me I need to organize all my zillions of fonts! I have just been testing a new font management software Printer's Apprentice. It does a really good job and prints some really cool sample sheets. Its not free but just rewritten in Net 2.0 so its also compatible with Vista.
  20. Flexi 8.5 and Versacamm SP300

    Well Im starting to ask myself the same thing!