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    Comment by 'jenrood' in media 'Wrap_Proposal'

    good job
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    Comment by 'jenrood' in media 'museum sign'

    good job
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    Comment by 'jenrood' in media 'county logo sign'

    You do very good work
  4. Font help please

    In corel draw x3 it is FuturaBlack BT :Cool 2:
  5. finished hood

    finished hood

  6. Member Album by jenrood

    Member Album by jenrood

  7. eagle on hood

    eagle on hood

    this is a start of our hood design
  8. Who Are You?

    We are new to the sign buisness we bought a plotter to do our own advertising for pressure washing and quickly learned we could make money making signs.:cool1: :cool1:
  9. Business Names??

    The Greatest Name Ever MPO :Cool 2: I have always teased Ppl about this, "If You Need A Sign Guy Real Bad, I'm A Real Bad Sign Guy" It's A little long though LOL I'm only kidding. :Cool 2:
  10. Help Please!!!!!!!

    Paid with bank account. I guess my only hope is for paypal to rule in my favor so I am not totally out the cost of repairs. Thanks for your input.
  11. Help Please!!!!!!!

    UPS insured up to $2800 but there was no damage to the boxes.
  12. Help Please!!!!!!!

    I have spoken to the seller on the phone and she says there is no way it could have been broken before she shipped it, she said she would give me a refund if I return it the way she says she sent it (that means she refuses to give me a refund). The cutting tool is so dull and used up that I...
  13. Help Please!!!!!!!

    I dont know if I am supposed to cut and paste ebay info in here or not but I will delete seller info when I do. I have already filed a claim with paypal they only cover up to $1000 so I asked for $1000 to cover costs to fix printer winning bid $2777 plus S&H totaled around $3000 for a busted...
  14. Help Please!!!!!!!

    Thank you, the part that is broken is metal. When we got the printer we looked it over before we turned it on. It got shipped with no power cord or printer cable, I guess to slow us down from realising it was broken. We used our cords from plotter. We did not see the cutting tool so my husband...
  15. Help Please!!!!!!!

    Thanks guys:help:
  16. Help Please!!!!!!!

    I thought I did research the seller had 100% feedback and 188 was the score. I guess you never know. I will still use ebay for things that aren't important but not for equipment that is.
  17. Where can I get a printhead for roland pc-60

    I am pretty sure I need a printhead, it seems like it is bound up someway when I turn it on it tries to move but doesn't. The brackett that holds the cutting tool holder is broken off, I think the only way to fix that is to replace the printhead. If anyone can help me and let me know where to...
  18. Help Please!!!!!!!

    Of course I did a hard lesson learned. I will not do that again.:Oops:
  19. Help Please!!!!!!!

    I got my Roland pc-60 today and what a NIGHTMARE 1st the brackett that holds the blade holder is broken off of the printhead. Is there a way to fix that???? 2nd is there a way to lock the printhead where it doesnt move while it is being shipped? If so how do you unlock it? If not the printhead...