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  1. United States, Georgia - McDonough

    Signs 101 Network RegistryIn what country are you located? USA In what state or province are you located? Georgia In what city or town are you located? McDonough What large city is nearest you? Atlanta Check all items that apply to your listingInstallations (Basic, no permits)...
  2. loking for advise and/or help with SolJet 500

    A big thank you to Table Hockey.. :thankyou: ..... that was it , i had turn AVG off , but didn't help at all , i uninstalled , and loaded the Roland software up... and got the Computer talking to the Printer, but last this printer had been sitting for 14 months and the heads are clog, badly can...
  3. loking for advise and/or help with SolJet 500

    just got a used SolJet 500 (my neighbor has had in storage for 13 months). and we are trying to load the software for the Roland drivers for the printer, the CD is RSP-024 Ver4.5C, and the printer will be set up on a mini netgear print server. But when i try to load the CD , i get an Error ...
  4. Hello from Atlanta, GA

    hello and welcome from the southside and it is a great resource too
  5. Dry install

    another cause of this (tiny bubbles) is not enough pressure, be sure you apply enough pressure , i like to just bend the tip of the squeegee, and always (as said before) make sure that your squeegee is smooth and nick free.
  6. Speed up Firefox.......

    very Awesome , tanks a bunch!!
  7. Weeding

    Funny.... Jill, but i love to weed.....not that chrome crap.... but i do like it ,as i can close the door and turn off the noise back there in the shop.. and just weed and clear my relaxes me, but i guess i just a weird one...:Big Laugh
  8. Another question ....

    i totaly never saw the word print..hehehehe
  9. Another question ....

    select both> go to arrange>and compound
  10. Cutting reflective vinyl

    well i said that because when i use the 45 blades they seam to dull very fast or wont cut 2 mil or 3 mil vinyl after words, and the 60 blade i have for reflective i have been using for 8 months , and thats all that blade does, it don't cut anything else
  11. Should I change my business name?

    how about a new word made up from JJW like i dont know ...jay just works signs or something
  12. Cutting reflective vinyl

    Are you using A 60 degree blade?? a 45 degree wont work?? or wont work well
  13. Firefox

    Ditto USE foxmarks
  14. Movie themed fonts free

    well i have to admit , that i bookmark that place asap hehehe
  15. Flexi question!!!

    hello ... 3 gigs of memory or 3 gigs of ram? it may be windows timing out too, steve
  16. Training is a great investment!

    Mr Mark, Hi and welcome , from Steve.....bobbie friend in atl And YES if you can please go to this class well worth the price of admission!!
  17. exporting from corel to flexi

    i am not completely sure, but i don't think Flexi 6 will import PDF files and we i had 6 an .ai file worked just fine , if u save all copy as curves. I am with Tim on the design everything in Flexi, but we do still have people bring me there stuff from Corel. they still need to save as a lower...
  18. flexisign 7.5

    to expand on mike...... Export as .eps or .ai
  19. Doing what I can

    i would like to give shout out of welcome here and thank you for your service this amazing county in which we live free!!!!! steve