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  1. my new Mimaki equip arrived the other day!!!

    Looking good. You're going to out grow your space really quick.
  2. cincin font help needed

    FYI - That font is Civet Light by Optifont OPTI-Civet Light Roman by Nagtype - North American Graphics :smile:
  3. Oh Happy Day! Got my Graphtec.

    Lucky dog - have fun.
  4. 1st Annual Signs 101 T-Shirt Design Contest

    :Big Laugh - caution - brain storm. Can be 2 colors or one color. OK Baz and Jen give it up. :biggrin:
  5. T-Shirt Design Contest Time to Vote for a Winner

    :Big Laugh - caution - brain storm. Can be 2 colors or one color. OK Baz and Jen give it up. :biggrin:
  6. Dongle error

    Check that the power is always on for the USB ports in the control panel. Power manangement can turn the usb port off so the software can't find it's dongle. :glasses:
  7. D

    Comment by 'Dale Horn' in media 'panel2'

    I'd love to see it on a beer fridge for a shop. Nice work Stevo!
  8. Greeting From the great white north ;)

    Welcome ! - Now Montreal - that's a fun place .... :Canada 2:
  9. And yet another Canadian

    You're welcome to come and see ... I have to warn you though it can cold enough that even the politicians have to keep their hands in their own pockets.
  10. Vector Software

    Corel Trace 12 or SignLab 7 are a couple more
  11. And yet another Canadian

    DG - Last time I was at the U of M to give a presentation. Our hotel was above that stripper bar so the keg party ended up being pretty lively. There were some East Indian graduate students there (I didn't know they weren't allowed to be seen holding a womans hand until they're married) :Oops...
  12. And yet another Canadian

    Welcome Steve ! Dura - FYI there's actually a specialty crop scientist researching hemp (non-recreational) in Saskatoon where I did graduate study work. I also worked for an entreprenuer who grows 1000's of acres of dwarf hemp for seed to crush into salad oil (has a nutty taste). The old...
  13. LXI "write port error

    Tony Mc you need to go to control panel > system > hardware >device manager > USB check the properties - uncheck the box that says allow computer to turn off port to save power. Null modem cable - looks exactly like a straight through cable but has a different wiring. Here's what a...
  14. Tablet or mouse?

    Both ! Fishguy covered it off pretty good. The 12 x 12 and larger tablets can be a bit cumbersome if you don't have lots of workspace. You can use the scroll mouse and the tablet at the same time. :signs101:
  15. LXI "write port error

    Couple things you need to check here - Your operating system may have the powersave setting on (in control panel) an is shutting your USB port off. A null modem cable connected to one of your COM ports would solve this problem also. If you're short on COM ports you could install another PCI...
  16. Plotter Question

    Lxi Master - USB dongle with manual available. Offers?
  17. Plotter Question

    COM port not setup serial cable defective/ poor connection
  18. New Guy...

    Welcome Kell - Lots of good stuff here. :Canada: :unclesam: :brittain: :Australia
  19. FlexiSign for Dummies.........

    Try give me (link button at bottom of screen) Mark has some training cd's there.
  20. New Gerber Edge FX Announced

    Hey Outlaw, those cars are neat (and tedious to make?). What do they go for in your market? Producing those small graphics would be problematic (registration issues) with a Edge LE, a person could get better resolution with the Edge 2 but the registration issue would need to be there...