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  1. Flaming / Flowing Horse Head? has a collection of animals with flames. here's their very tiny "preview" of horses
  2. lets talk about plotters!

    gary i already emailed you about yours, youwere supposed to send me pics, but you haven't yet :Coffee: lighthouse, i just checked ebay and unfortunately there's nothing but bulk blades and ink, etc. haven't looked into the copam's though, thanks, i will certainly do that :)
  3. lets talk about plotters!

    i realize taht this is dumb, but i'm pretty interested in your pcut. what would you sell it for?
  4. Cutting Issues

    if he has flexi and illustrator, why would he want information on what he's doing in SignLab??? what are the specs of your computer? illustrator should be able to handle something like that with no problem in most cases. sounds like there must be something else hogging your resources.
  5. CS3 Install Problems

    tell them to screw level 3 and either fix it now or give you your money back or at LEAST offer a free upgrade to the design premium... i feel ya man, this must be getting to be just a big long joke for you :(
  6. Font Identification Assistance

    the stroke around the first sign looks like it's just many pieces of pinstriping tape hahaha. definitely looks like a hand painted.
  7. Stick Figure People?

    i don't imagine it would be TOO taxing or difficult to draw your own stick figure :P edit. i've been searching for a real solution for you, but google isn't coming up with much
  8. CS3 Install Problems

    sounds like it might actually be an error in the disc that you got in your package. it can happen. you might want to try to get them to send you a new one to see if that does any better.
  9. CS3 Install Problems

    what is it doing that it won't install properly? what kind of error (if any) is it giving you?
  10. Is there a way in Windows XP Pro ... this is a good, simple one does exactly what you need, Fred!
  11. Is there a way in Windows XP Pro ...

    if it isn't built natively into the software you are using (i know some programs come with it), then the short answer is no. however, there are several shareware programs out there to correct this problem, and would enable you to take any window and set it to always stay on top of other...
  12. Start up with an Inkjet

    too bad that printer only prints 17" wide :( not much use for all 24" of the plotter then. still a great deal and good system, if i do say so myself.
  13. Terminology index? Dictionary?

    actually, i'd love to volunteer :D
  14. Terminology index? Dictionary?

    well for really basic basics, you might try reading the stuff here: or just go throug hand read all of signweb. i love the signage business. i could spend hours every day just reading about this stuff.
  15. pc800 ram

    adding ram to that computer would hardly be noticable. i'd suggest an entirely new system. what do you think your budget for this would be, i'll recommend the best system and specs for your budget.
  16. What The Font couldn't help...can you?

    got it, it's called "Skippy Sharp" cheers!
  17. Script Font ID Please

    Jill, I know this isn't the exact font, but it is very close. it is called "Selfish" and you can find it at misprinted type. It's a free font too :) like i said, it's not exactly the same (the lowercase 'L' is different from what I can tell) but it...
  18. PHOTOSHOP CS3 . . . Ships Today ! ! !

    I've been working late nights just for this reason :) can't wait to see how well the new integration works.
  19. How much can I trust a external hard drive?

    external drives are just as reliable as internals, as long as you don't throw them around or drop them, or remove them without 'ejecting' or 'stopping' them. i myself have a 500 gb drive with all of my data on it :) (and cd or dvd backups of important files are always a smart thing to do too)