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  1. should be easy

    I cant figure this one out. I know I have it but nothing I try looks the same. need the exact fit. thanks in advance
  2. Fellers is too Funny.

    I got an email from them the other day asking why they hadn't heard from me in a while. I responded letting them know that I don't appreciate them undercutting my business.
  3. Help Needed!!!

    I would imagine between facebook and craigslist you could get a head start. no guarantees on the quality of applicant.
  4. Work tabletop Surfaces

    ive used glass for years. my blades seem to last for quite a long time even given the glass. I have never replaced my top and blades are cheap.
  5. starting out

    could be a little misleading calling it a sign company if you intend to do stickers and shirts
  6. Problems with coroplast

    how ridiculously unrelated these examples are. I would send it back to the supplier without the least bit of hesitation. if my server spilled some coffee, I would clean up the spill and ask for a refill after drinking the whole cup. I happen to know that my mechanic makes good use of the...
  7. Trying to justify the time spent with customers...

    Ive been fighting this for years. I decided to do what seems to be the overwhelming response here, raise my prices. If I lose a few jobs along the way, it wasn't worth the time I would have spent. build your portfolio, create a pricing structure that works for you and stick with it. I chased...
  8. VW Cross Polo Font Identification Help

    looks like a job for vector doctor
  9. what tape do you use for your hinge?

    i have been using 3m painters tape for years. the other day i figured out i could buy twice the tape for the same price. who here uses standard .94 tape (white color) from lowes for hinging? who uses painters tape? am i wasting money with the painters tape? yes, i do believe this could be...
  10. Tips for applying huge printed vinyl?

    good stuff guys! i got a video and pdf. score
  11. Got in too deep. Need advice for (2) 48x210 faces

    all of the ideas here are great ones...for someone with a little experience. Run!!
  12. Help with scuffs on new printed banners I orderes

    keep an eye on the banner ads here at signs101. I use signs2trade for all my banner needs. very quick production and shipping times. also advertises here. they have been very helpful with other printed products for me.
  13. font too pixelated for id

    can anyone help me out here? i think the pixelation is giving me a hard time.
  14. vinyl removal video

    it works wonders! the best adhesive remover ive ever used. work in small areas while still wet and remove all residue before moving on
  15. signs365 business card printing

    I ordered 50 license plates from them, good quality and price. have checked them out for other items since, just haven't placed another order yet. will be trying their card printing now
  16. need mirror printed decals on clear static cling material

    I am looking for a supplier that can print on clear static cling material with white ink. the group is a corvette club. they do not want stickers and printing on the front side of white material doesn't give the grip to stay on the window. they gave me a sample of their current product. it...
  17. Can you believe.............??

    I would offer to help out in some sort of way, if I were able to (margin). youre helping, not claiming responsibility.
  18. Transporting Cut vinyl

    i do this all the time, no problems yet
  19. First Time Channel Letters Job

    First thing, do you have sufficient insurance to cover your staff that high up on a ladder? are you certified to install electrical signage? I would pass on the job if you don't have the proper credentials.