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  1. flag clipart

    i need to do a flag in vinyl that looks like it's waving. anyone know where i can get good clipart also for landscaping, construction, trees? thanks.
  2. where can i download fonts from?

    i want to start getting some new nice fonts. anyone download fonts? where? what are some hot fonts now?
  3. do i need more fonts?

    so where do i start first. and then...?
  4. do i need more fonts?

    i use a 3gig HP laptop w/ a 80gig harddrive. i also use XP. not sure if "the font thing" can be used w/ XP. at least that's what i read when i just looked it up. didn't list XP as a usable system. i definately would like to get some unique fonts and some kind of management program which can be...
  5. do i need more fonts?

    i have over 1000 fonts which came w/ my LXI master plus software. i think i need more. i asked my uncle, who owns a sign business, what are his most popular fonts. he named a few which i did not have. what font package and from where should i get? he said he likes a font called boogie something...
  6. font recognition software

    was just wondering who has it and uses it? thinking if i should get it or not. seems like a good investment. what is the name(s) of these software(s)? thanks.
  7. From Business Card to Ready to Cut in Less Than 20 Minutes

    fred is it as easy as u make it seem...? ... all those steps. seems alittle intimidating to a newbie like myself. by the way, i'm ordering those cd's and manuals. thanks.
  8. Scanning artwork question?

    gotcha'. thanks
  9. Scanning artwork question?

    i've seen the term dongle before. what is that?:help:
  10. Scanning artwork question?

    i've enver done this and it seems complicated. is it? do u need extra software besides vinyl express master or master plus to do this? i have alot to learn.
  11. ready to start

    i tried beacongraphics. their price is ok but for a couple hundred more sign warehouse gives u the plotter, stand and some software and clipart.
  12. ready to start

    i have a question. i hear that support kinda sucks from time to time at signwarehouse, even when in need of support of their plotters( panther,etc.). support must even be worse w/ them when in need of support for a graphtec plotter. if i run into this will contacting graphtec directly for...
  13. ready to start

    my name is dennis, i'm 29 yrs old and from central nj. i currently work for a pharmaceutical company which has nothing to do w/ signs or art. my only experience in sign making was working for my uncle's sign business from 1993 to almost 1995. i really didn't do much work w/ designing layouts but...