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  1. Anybody who does Vehicle Wrap in Dallas

    Im in Allen, Texas. A neighbor of mine asked if I still do large format printing. Thought someone might be interested on getting the job. He said Its going to be a half wrap. If you're interested please give me a phone # so I can pass it on to him. Thanks -- edmund
  2. Does anybody know some Mutoh Tech in North Dallas?

    Im in Allen, TX. If anybody knows some mutoh tech. around the area I would really appreciate it. Thank you! -- edmund
  3. What happens to all the repossessed printing equipment?

    One question. Do printing company who had their printer repo'd has to pay for the remaining of the lease term? Why they didn't sell them before the lease term ended? Can you even do that? I know one guy who did that on his car.
  4. Small Printing Job-I need help!

    Anybody near Allen, Texas? I got a very small banner print job that I need this afternoon. My printer would not just cooperate with me right now. It's a quickie job, a 47" x 32" congratulation banner. Thanks for any help!
  5. M

    O shoot! Sorry! Printed.

    O shoot! Sorry! Printed.
  6. M

    Gino, Can you give me a quote for 4'x8' , 5'x10' and 6'x12' banner. Hemmed and grommeted...

    Gino, Can you give me a quote for 4'x8' , 5'x10' and 6'x12' banner. Hemmed and grommeted. Thanks Gino.
  7. HPDesignjet 5500ps wrap?

  8. Mac w/ PC network

    The only problem with networking both mac and pc is you have to restart your mac for it to see the pc. This is a problem with the current OS but not with the previous one, which is the Tiger (meow!) My PC and Mac can see each other when I was on Tiger but when I switch to leopard my PC could not...
  9. Font ID pretty please...

    Thanks a lot Pat!
  10. Font ID pretty please...

    Please help on Identifying this font. Thank you for the help guys.
  11. Hooked up w/ a Photographer...NOW WHAT!

    Sorry if Im a little off topic but Im sure you know that you have to laminate PhotoTex,right?. I would have to suggest that since you said the photographer is picky. Ink rub off on phototex a little bit. As far as doing something like fathead or photo reproduction, you should be on cmyk of...
  12. Hey you font geniuses

    need help on this font guys. This is the only file they have. :frustrated: I cant recreate it. Waayyy too small. Hope you can see it. Thank you
  13. JV-3 and Phototex...what profile and heater settings?

    I just dont like the sound when its cutting a fabric. Scary but overall Phototex is amazing for that kind of application its just that its expensive.
  14. Clipart Source for Food/Deli

    You know what Rick, when I was searching for some photos of it and saw this makes me want to run to walmart and get me those ingredients. Really! Just like what you were suggesting!
  15. Clipart Source for Food/Deli

    That's actually my first source (mega 3 collection) but no luck but thanks for the quick reply MM!
  16. Clipart Source for Food/Deli

    I've been searching for a bologna sandwich for hours already and couldn't find a good one. I've tried chalkart, istock and others but with no luck. It would be either clipart or raster images. Client wants the bologna in a hamburger bun w/o sesame seeds and with lettuce and tomatoes and onions...
  17. Messy font

    yo da man shovel again! that's under 2 minutes :notworthy::thumb::cool1: thanks a bunch shovelhead!
  18. Messy font

    can someone identify what font is this? appreciate it guys!
  19. sales tax

    Thats what I do actually. I also double check on the invoices from that quarter.
  20. M

    Hey Chris, Do you print on mesh banner? Can I request for a quote on (2) 63.25" x 53.5" and (2)...

    Hey Chris, Do you print on mesh banner? Can I request for a quote on (2) 63.25" x 53.5" and (2) 63.25" x 32.25" and shipping also to Allen, TX 75002. Thanks a lot man!