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  1. Looking for Font

    Hi i am looking for the font Fleer Bd CN It5 - Regular I have looked every where that i can think of and have not found it. I had it on my computer then it clashed and i need it to make some sore signs for a customer
  2. LXI Expert 6.6v1

    If you mau be looking to purchase the upgrade i got mine at sign warehouse for 100.00 but i also needed a new dongle as i broke mine
  3. hello

  4. Vinyl Express Versions???

    I broke my usb dongal a while back and called them and got the new release V7 and a new dongal for $99.00. Remember do not be afraid to ask for discounts or is there a sale on this item. They will not offer it to you sale or not.
  5. G'day all!

    Welcome from hurricane alley
  6. Is there a flexi rep here?

    This site is from Sign Warehouse and i do not know why they let people post things like this on there. I went on there and looked and seen ALOT of Illegal SP?? items on there for sale. It only cutts into there sales. They must not montior the site very well.
  7. This is Crap!!!!

    I buy software on e-bay all the time but i also make sure it is legal. Just look at the prices that they charge and most times it will tell you if it is leagal. I also pay with paypal and get buy back protection when possible. I have had to use it and it works.
  8. Out of the Dark

    Welcome from Florida Michel P
  9. Howdy

    Welcome from the worlds best beaches
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  11. New Guy In Labrador, Canada

    Welcome from florida
  12. Determining Lynx Sign Cutter Model?

    I hear people on here all the time complaining about Signwarehouse but i have used them for around 3 years for diffrent things and for the most part all has been good. There tech support was helpfull just had to wait on hold for a few min. till it was my turn.
  13. Hello from West Texas

    Welcom from Florida. I only use word of mouth
  14. T-Shirt Time

    Can we order the shirts yet. I have not seen anything on them.
  15. Please let me inturduce my self

    Welcome from freeport florida
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  17. Sign Software

    I am looking for software or templants of traffic signs that are vinyl ready. I have seen a couple of programs out there but when i called they could not tell me if they were for printing or vinyl. I have had a lot of request for street signs and traffic signs from resorts and a local city that...
  18. Introducing myself

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  19. New Guy From Indiana

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  20. Greetings From Alaska

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