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  1. Im in trouble please help me!

    LOL This post was from before YOU were even a member here! :cool:
  2. "Undo" not working

    I think there is another post going right now about this! Its titled "wierd...anyone else do this?"
  3. Uh Oh!! Please Help!

    Yup that was it, I went ahead and DL'd the audio drivers while I was there LOL so now I have sound too :) Its all good now!:thankyou:
  4. Uh Oh!! Please Help!

    ahh geez didnt even think of that! thanks gv
  5. Uh Oh!! Please Help!

    ok new problem The original problem was a faulty hard drive. I replaced the original 30 gb drive with a new dell 80 gig drive and began to reinstall all my junk i had on it originally. The very 1st thing i installed was my wireless network card so I'd have internet support if needed. The...
  6. Hello from Ohio

    Hello from Ohio as well!:Welcome:
  7. Uh Oh!! Please Help!

    That is what I figured... Luckily this is a fairly new (to me) machine and I dont normally use this for my work. I have read that you can get a USB drive enclosure and I may be able to retrieve some of the info from the drive. You guys think? Thank you for the info.
  8. Uh Oh!! Please Help!

    I have a Dell Latitude C640 Laptop. 2.0 Intel P4 M. Heres my problem. I installed software for an LG external DVD-RW drive an all was well. I left the machine on and headed off to bed as I often do. The next morning I notced the laptop was off. well... when I went to boot it up it shows...
  9. Never thought I'd be asking a plotter question.....

    Next time they come loose, try some loctite. They make a few different grades of the stuff... DONT GET THE KIND THAT REQUIRES HEAT FOR FASTENER REMOVAL!... Just get the regular, its the blue kind. You wont have that trouble again.
  10. Newbie Need help with EASYSIGN software

    Forgot to mention, the CiberCut software includes pricing software.
  11. Newbie Need help with EASYSIGN software

    I have a Master plotter and have been using it for doing side jobs and about 5-10 race cars a year for the last 3 years. I honestly haven't had a single problem. I am sure if I was using it EVERYDAY in a full-time shop, there may be problems, but this thing seems to work great for me. AS...
  12. what do you think? was just looking around, any good?
  13. Head Strike

    Thank you for the clarification. As the old saying goes, "you learn something new everyday!" :thankyou: PS Could anyone recommend a good used printer? I am currently doing signmaking as a hobby in my spare time (it seems as though there is less of that these days) I do 5-10 race cars a...
  14. Head Strike

    I have been doing a lot of reading on signs101 about printing and the various printers available. i would really like to purchase an entry level printer. I don't have the volume of work at this time to justify the cost of a new printer. I was just curious.. In some of my readings, I have...
  15. Extreme Makeover - The Contest!

    Sorry about that Fred. Although, it wasn't really an entry, just a cute little reply!! :) Maybe I should have submitted it! :Oops:
  16. Extreme Makeover - The Contest!

    There, thats better... I think... :wine-smi:
  17. Looking for good sign fonts.

    Thank You, I will certainly check that one out!
  18. Looking for good sign fonts.

    Thanks everyone. Got the 33 pack from SignFonts and its cool!
  19. Looking for good sign fonts.

    Ive checked out and like the fonts. Are there any other sinilar websites that sell sign fonts. I am looking for something like the "snapper script". :thankyou:
  20. Font Help Please!!

    CRATE MOTORS!!!??? :Sleeping::Sleeping: EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! R.A.C.E!!!!!!!!!!