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  1. Sign Wizard/Neon Wizard Pro

    Neon wizard return plot option how it works Do you plot your channel letter returns with neon wizard? how does it works. thank you
  2. Just a small vent

    Ok guys, NO ONE BUYS FLEXI, they shoved it to you with the machine. whoever say that he actually bought it because he like it is a f'ing girl!!!
  3. Flexi Dongle

    Just to get your money, If they really wanted to help the sign guy the software will be under GPL... and asking for donations. by the way who needs a pirate spell checker??? go to astalavista LOL...
  4. How did you come to find Signs-101

    I was googling and click on a link to this great site.
  5. Flexi Dongle

    flexi is ok, but scanviec SUCK big time, f'n thieves I'd rather pay 1k to a hacker then 5k to a bunch of thieves, if they would sell flexi for 1k everyone will buy it legally. Software Pirates Rock!!!!
  6. corel is crap!

    Corel X3 I agree
  7. Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Versaworks

    import the file into Flexi, in Flexi depress the F1 key, go to contour cut and follow the instructions
  8. Mutoh Falcon Not printing Magenta

    check the head range on the new print heads and make sure you'd enter those correctly into the printer setup
  9. Mutoh Falcon Not printing Magenta

    Ensure that the fllat cable is properly attached to the printhead and the board.
  10. A bit of Networking, Valuejet help please!

    If you do not have a cross over cable then hook up your RJ45 to a hub/router the you'll be able to set it up, just gone thru the same thing. just forget everything you'd learned about networking trust me on this one, if you don't have a cross, it won't work if connected directly to the lan...
  11. First banner - Woo Hoo

  12. First banner - Woo Hoo

    I strongly beliece in church and state separation. I mean business and
  13. Does Anyone Have A Lynx?

    mimaki cutters are the best at least on the 24" size faster, accurate, durable affordable etc... we own 4 great piece of equiptment.
  14. Odd scripty font

    trace it, it looks easy
  15. signs101..i stumbled into a pool of knowledge

    Welcome. from the Valley of the Sun
  16. Ever thrown anyone out of your shop?

    we had a lady that used to order from us, one day she came to the shop and demanded to have my house number she wanted to talk to me ASAP, my daugther at the counter told her that business need it to be discussed at the shop, she got upset and start insulting my daugther, not knowing who she...
  17. Mutoh Falcon printer server alternative

    Never mind.... IC105-FASTPOCKET-TX I'd found the threat...
  18. Mutoh Falcon printer server alternative

    Hi all, The printer I bought came without the printserver box, whats a good alternative. I have it running with a parallel cable but I know with the rj45 process the jobs faster.
  19. Mutoh TIP ink not filling damper

    If you tried lots of cleaning and ink fills and nothing worked, check the cap station, try sucking ink from the cap station with a small tubing or syringe, if no luck, try moving the head assy to the right so the cap station and the printhead are air tigh and sealed. hope it helps someone...