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  1. Mutoh Maint/Service Rep

    Mutoh Warranty Service Just had a conversation with a service rep at Mutoh in Pheonix. Since my VJ1604 has 17 days left on its factory warranty, they won't refer me to anyone other than the company who sold it to us for repair work. Price is not an issue. I offered to pay for anyone in the...
  2. I am thinking of buying a Mutoh printer.

    We love our VJ 1604, unless it needs repair. Then kiss your sales goodbye. We've been virtually ignored by our local dealer. Too many machines to sell, so little time to maintain them.
  3. Recommended Router Bits

    1/4" Onsrud spiral upcut bits are great for plastics, foam, hdu and light aluminum. We run them on our bots all day long.
  4. What Financial Software Do You Use?

    Quickbooks Pro is a breeze! Integrates with UPS online, Yahoo merchant and Washington Mutual checking accounts.
  5. whats next?

    I had a friendly call from the President, the General Manager, and the LA Branch Manager of Mimaki USA yesterday. They were in to take a hard look at our Colorspan flatbed UV printer. It sounds like Mimaki is ready to release a mid-size roll to roll UV later this year. When this technology takes...
  6. Graphtec software?

    My Graphtec CE3000 cuts straight from CorelDraw 11. No need for the extra software. Page size in Corel has to match page size in printer properties and that's about it.
  7. New Colorspan 72si Delivered :)

    Careful now, don't let all those canned demo prints from the install technician fool you. Regular output isn't nearly that much fun. I've got 5 ColorSpan printers, and Rob sums it up pretty well: "It's a great printer and pain in the *** rolled into one!"
  8. Info needed on routing HDU

    Dusty stuff. Get ready for a scratchy throat. We cut 15 lb Signfoam and Precision Board HDU's at 1.5 IPS with Onsrud spiral upcut 1/4" bits. Spindle speed at 22,000 rpms.
  9. Cannot import ai.files into Corel

    I had a few instances of Illustrator CS files not importing into Corel. I typically open an AI file in Illustrator 10 and save it down to 6, then import it into CorelDraw. We've upgraded to CS and have had no further issues.
  10. What's Most Important?

    Okay who's the wise-guy that selected "other"?
  11. HDU Questions :)

    I used Jay Cooke's All-Purpose Sign Primer on HDU this week. Definitely the best HDU primer I've tried so far.
  12. cutting direct from corel!

    Chinese plotter + Roland driver + Owners manual with no X,Y origin info = We get what we pay for. :thumb:
  13. Old man from suffield ohio

    I don't know where to get PVC in Ohio, but guys, the Goodyear blimp is anchored down every night at a field 3 blocks from my shop in the Los Angeles area. It flies over Disneyland almost every day. I thought LA was the true home of the blimp! As for the custom lettered air conditioned neon...
  14. NEWBIE... just bought Corel Draw 12

    Proficiency in Corel is time well spent. We use it to create paths for plotters, cnc routers and a laser engraver. Learn it any way you can.
  15. Colorspan 98SX or Mimaki 250-SP

    ColorSpan is 20k more (and faster) because it uses 12 more printheads than the Mimaki, and is a flatbed printer with a 1/4" thickness capability. Fast print speeds make for great claims at trade shows and in advertising, but in the real world I have to hand a banner to a customer over the...
  16. Cutting thin guage aluminum

    Belin spiral upcut bits leave a clean edge. Use a 1" bead foam sacrificial board on your table. It's cheaper than dirt and won't create drag or noise from the bit. Clamp the aluminum to the sacrificial board (and your table base) with a dozen 2" spring clamps. Buy the plastic ones from your...
  17. two cutters

    We run a Lynx and an Ioline plotter off the same PC using SignLab ES. It takes up to 30 seconds to spool or load a job from plotter to plotter, but we often have both machines running simultaneously.
  18. Adobe Illustrator - Don't Go to Work without It

    For fear of appearing inept, we upgraded to the CS versions of the Adobe Suite last week. We only had to ask about a dozen clients to dumb down the version of their artwork so we could open it. Not having the latest stuff made us look like a pack of monkeys.
  19. Photo editing software?

    Or publish to PDF in CorelDraw and save your Acrobat bucks.
  20. Lamination without laminator?

    Unless it's for a short-term application, be sure you're getting a solvent print and a UV rated laminate.