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  1. Importing a Photoshop file into Flexi 7.6

    This is likely a no brainer but I always merge layers before I save as .tif. Smaller file size.
  2. ink vs thermal

    I own both an Edge2 & the Mimaki JV3. The E2 spends a lot more time idle now but I have no plans to get rid of it. It's got some limits but what ain't. BTW, I know there are fans of Omega software out there but It's a pretty poor design app. IMHO.
  3. What's the handiest gadget in your shop?

    My Olfa knife. I almost never use anything else to cut or trim with. I know a lot of folks love an exacto but I buy the stainless breakaway olfa blades in the 50 pack. The blades gets dull, just snap off a section and keep on cutting. 2nd, 50" stomp shear. Least handy..., table saw. Big...
  4. RGB to CMYK Conversion??

    Hey I've been there before. I bought a Pantone color bridge guide and life got a whole lot easier right away. I think you can find one on Ebay or from many local suppliers. Wayne
  5. Frustration gone to seed...

    Wow, I was about to make the same offer before I read Barry's reply. That's a fine thing to offer Barry. You've earned my respect. Wayne
  6. my new Mimaki equip arrived the other day!!!

    Hey Doug, Have you got the venting for the printer worked out? Also, I didn't see a laminator in the shots. Do you already have one? I'm going thru my own growing pains here so just asking.
  7. Vehicle Wrapz cost-effective Edgewise?

    I feel your pain Doug. I've done some partial wraps with the Edge and now just farm out the printing to a friend with a JV3. Like you, I'm a one man shop and I have to be all things here. Dave, I think you'll find the 3M with comply to be the best for wrapping. About doing it with an Edge...
  8. What Plotter Brand Would You Give Your Highest Recommendation To?

    I've had several in the past but if I was buying a new one this morning it would likely be the Mimaki or Graphtec. I voted other because I have owned an Anagraph for about 4 years and it's been a work horse. Also, the Ana is the only cutter I know that will cut outside of the pinch rollers...
  9. OMEGA vs. Flexi

    I own both but all I do with Gerber is drive my edge. As a design software Omega is really a week bunch of code. I have had a whole list of issues with it for 3 years. Every time I'm sent a patch or fix from Gerber some new issue arises. Is your flexi on the same system as Omega? Are you...
  10. What laminators are you using?

    I use a 34" CODA. Like Fred, works good for what I use it for.
  11. Flexi 7.5 w/photoshop ?'s

    You are very right Fred. That's the way I use Flexi and PS often. Or I use to. On my new PC I bought PS 7 and while you can apply the filters, etc., they don't work correctly. I've fooled around with it for a while now. I've got the lastest and greatest of Flexi Pro but... I sure didn't know...
  12. S

    Comment by 'Spot Color' in media 'boat layouts'

    Oh yea, your having way more fun than is allowed without a permit. Cool stuff.
  13. How Long Have You Been a Signmaker?

    18yrs. Worked for a very talented sign artist in the late 70s. I then started pinstriping. Had some talent but needed to feed a family. In '86 when the kids were grown and on their own I made the leap. Wow! What a wild ride it has been. When I moved to this town there were only three...
  14. Anagraph cutter

    Well hhmmm... If this were in FlexiPro I'd check the production manager. There is a setting for scale. Once set, to say 50%, it will default to that every time you open production manager until you change it to something else. SignLab may work another way but I'd bet it's something that...
  15. Anagraph cutter

    Give us a little more info. What screen? What Software? The letter you've cut or the letter on the screen has changed? Work with us here... Glad to help if I can. Wayne
  16. Anagraph cutter

    No problem. Call McCaffrey Supply @ 800-553-4897. Ask for Stan or John. They're located on the beautiful, sunny Mississippi gulf coast but can ship anywhere. Tell 'em Wayne sent ya. Wayne
  17. New to this Forum

    Hi ya Rudy, Nice to have ya'll here. Wayne