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  1. Hello from Houston

    WELCOME FROM gA Wwecome from the north Ga mountains Good luck in your business Henry Goines
  2. Do you keep your cutter running all day?

    I always turn both off when not in use but I dont have as much work as some shop for the cutter. And I always un plug both. Surge protectors will Not protect from lighning. Ever wake up in the middle of the night big storm going on lots of flashes Have to go out and un plug everything. I had...
  3. new to Photoshop... any good books?

    Photo shop is good and I like photo impact Pro also I have had adobe photo shop for many years. I bought photo impact pro at sams for around $80.00 I really like it It is a nova product at 1-818-591-9600 It was easy to learn. Lots of features Henry Goines If you like to mess with...
  4. Hi from Georgia!

    Jasper just down the road great town. Hi Email me and I will tell you more about merchant member. It is great and helps suport the forum. Henry Goines
  5. Hi from Georgia!

    Welcome from Blairsville Ga Hi welcome from another mountain man You sound like you do great work like to get to know you better. Henry Goines merchant member
  6. Hello from Auburn, AL

    Welcome from north Ga mountains Welcome from North Georgia. Since you rep a wholesaler you might look into becoming a merchant member This helps to support the forum. And you will do Great I know for sure. Henry Goines Merchant Member
  7. Ebay think twice before buying LFP printers

    I have always bought my equipment from local dealers in Atlanta If I had a problem I could call them on the phone or go see same. It may cost a little more but not near the stress. I did buy a laptop from gateway and had a problem and they took care of it right away. On ebay you never know who...
  8. Hello from eastern N. Carolina

    Welcome from the north Georgia mountains
  9. Hello from Florida :)

    Welcome Welcome from the north Georgia mountains
  10. Hello!

    Welcome from the north Georgia mountains.
  11. new guy

    Welcome from the north georgia mountains
  12. Hi , runkul is here

    Welcome from the north Georgia Mountains
  13. Newwbers hehe

    Welcome from the north Georgia mountains.
  14. New to site, Not new to industry

    Welcome Welcome from the north Georgia mountains Henry G
  15. another laminator question!

    Service on laminators Hi Stan my advice is to stick with a company that you can get service and parts I Have a 32" wesco and have had to be repaired several times, belts. will break and speed control will go bad. You can't afford to wait month for parts from china but if they have a...
  16. Trolling for Business at Signs 101

    Merchant member several months GREAT GREAT I have been a merchant member for several months. The items I sell are thing I make myself. I sell mostly thru Ebay and my web site. Also call on sign shops. I get lots of lookers and sales have been great. If you have something to sell or offer...
  17. Does your sign company have a website?

    My simple web site I have a very simple web site I use this site to sell some of the items that I make I use frontpage and do it my self lots of fun and gets great orders Check out I posted on how I work my site a while back at web design simple and it works Henry G
  18. Your Ebay Experience

    Your web site and ebay get it listed I sell regular on ebay and have for two years It's work but fun and rewarding. Now ebay want let you mention your web site on your listings or email But if you get a ME page you can list the site and have a link to your site You will have to work up to...
  19. Your Ebay Experience

    I have been on ebay now since 05 I have bought somethings. but mostly I sell several items I make in my own shop to sign people the business has realy grown I have sold in most of the united states and many foreign countries. I have strict rules on selling when contacted thru ebay I will sell...
  20. hooked to this website

    Welcome from the Georigia mountains And good luck I have always said do your own thing it may not always be right but it will be yours. Check out the merchants classified section. Henry Goines