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  1. Welcomed second chance...

    welcome from ky
  2. Hi......i am NEW.....

    Welcome from KY.
  3. The Sign Expert - New Merchant Member

    welcome from ky
  4. Greetings from Cheetah Signs

    Excuse me for noticing.
  5. Greetings from Cheetah Signs

    Are those fishnets?
  6. Took the plunge...Wish me luck!!!

    Get that equipment and start making money! Congratulations.
  7. Paths Question.

    I'm not sure if we are talking about the same tool or not, but Flexi has a pen tool.
  8. need kids font

    get your wife or daughter to write it out, (or do it yourself) then scan it in. thats what i have done in the past. Use a Sharpie or something fairly bold to write with.
  9. Preparing MDO

    I always prep the edges with an all purpose putty made by bondo, but its not the one for cars. I then prime and put 2 coats of finish oil base paint and let dry and outgas for about 5 or 6 days then letter with vinyl and graphics. no problems so far.
  10. Just another Newb...

    welcome, don't be afraid to ask questions, thats how we all learn.
  11. Another newbie

    welcome from KY.
  12. Hello from Impact Signs and

    welcome from KY
  13. Hi from ME!

    welcome Kendall
  14. Greetings Everyone!

  15. Please help the newbie!!!!

    welcome, and keep reading the posts here, you'll learn alot
  16. Hello from a newbie in Arkansas

    welcome to signs 101
  17. Hi from Georgia!

  18. Newb... sorta

    welcome to the group