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  1. Head strikes

    i have the same machine and had the same the print setup box in the upper right of your screen (cant remember the exact name of the box) select whatever mode of printing you want (billboard, production or high quality) and in the screen after that change the angle of the shutter to 30...
  2. Head Height On Printing Coro?

    head height we too played with many the end to eliminate the possibility of a head strike 90% of the way into a 4x8 sheet we stay with .100 off with a 1 or 1.5 second delay in the print to help keep the material cool and not warp up...we vary between billboard mode and production speed
  3. Aurora Graphics

    great stuff Just got the print suite delivered about 8 days ago and I have already used it in about 6 jobs including a wrap background the only negative was that i thought that the images tiled together but that is the monster fills package..the files are huge though (15 x 50) and am...
  4. new 54" toy

    I bought my sp300 about 9 months ago and had great success with it right much so that last week at the long beach show I bought the sp540 to go with it I bought the printer from nu sign, the company that sells the triangle bulk ink system...and they warranty the ink as well as handle...
  5. agfa grand sherpa 87 ?

    freds 3000th post on my little ol' thread thanks Fred mike
  6. agfa grand sherpa 87 ?

    just curious about it...I found the info at their web site but wanted to know if anyone had one, There is one listed on ebay from a liquidation company in memphis and it appears to be fairly new...its at 5000.00 now and it ends in about 24 hours...if this is close to anyone ...go check it out ...
  7. agfa grand sherpa 87 ?

    does anyone in our fine community know about these printers or have one? are they any good...likes, dislikes.....
  8. new versacamm

    next purchase looking at laminators now....unsure which one but yes I will be getting one in the near future Mike
  9. new versacamm

    forgot to attach attached is the photo
  10. new versacamm

    just got my new sp-300 today and it worked great right out of the box...I was without a plotter for about 6 days due to the sale of my color camm so I had a pile of jobs to get out right away...I couldnt help but to see how a large graphic looked scanned from a small image so I took a small...
  11. Greetings to all !!!

    Hello all My name in Mike and I stumbled across the forum while searching for info on digital printers and have truly enjoyed the info learned on the site and look forward to gaining more knowledge as well as sharing my own. I have a roland pnc1100 and a pc600 but am looking to upgrade to...