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  1. Font Help

    Here are 2 sample. The capital B is the only letter I have. The word Beverage is all I have of the other one. Any one know what these are? I am no font expert. Thanks Cheryl
  2. What Do You Think?

    This font is? A guy contacted me and wants some stuff done but I do not have a clue what this is. Thanks Cheryl
  3. External Hard Drives

    I am using a pair of western digital USB/Firewire drives hooked up to my main(server) computer. All of my art is on 1 of them(180 gig) and the other(260 gig) is a backup of that drive. They show up as g and h on my system. H is shared for the other pcs to use and g is the backup. I manuly...
  4. Nice place to visit

    Welcome! This is a very helpful group of people.
  5. Just Another New Guy

  6. Another Newbie!

    Howdy! I have learned a lot from these guys!
  7. New here

  8. New Guy in MN.

    Howdy! Cheryl
  9. I thought I did this yesterday!

    Welcome from the Midwest! Cheryl
  10. Hi, new future rookie from Spain

    Howdy! Cheryl
  11. New to Signs101

    Have no clue about your question, but welcome! This board has been great for me to learn from. Cheryl
  12. flexisign pro won't import AI

    I also had this type of problem. Back save the illustrator file to 8, then import it. Should work fine. I have to do this all the time. Cheryl
  13. Digital Camera

    I got a Nikon D70 earlier this year and LOVE IT! The lenses are interchangable with my father's camera. The software is easy to use. Watch for a rebate, I saved $300 on the kit. Cheryl
  14. New to the Decal World!

    Welcome from WI. Cheryl
  15. ....hey

    I am working out of the basement and a spare bedroom. Even use the living room once in a while. Welcome Cheryl
  16. Scanners

    I am actually using and old ACER 620U scanner a friend was giving away. He has to have state of the art, I was happy to take his toss out. Been using it for about 4-5 eyars now. Cheryl
  17. Ok, my turn...what is it?

    Thanks for the help! I will be picking something else for this little project. I had a feeling it was soemthing home made. Cheryl
  18. Ok, my turn...what is it?

    Here is a .pdf file. Thanks Cheryl
  19. Ok, my turn...what is it?

    I will scan a few more in tonight. What letters would be the most help? Thanks Cheryl
  20. Ok, my turn...what is it?

    What is this font. I got these cut out letters but need to match it. Cheryl