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    If you don't have a router, you could toss it in your laser if you have one of those. Coro doesn't have PVC in it so you should be all set
  2. SAI Flexi 10 Major Disappointment!

    I was just thinking the cost of Onyx upgrades and contract costs are like 10x more expensive than the current 20 dollars a month sub SAI offers for full support and always having the most current software. I don't think I have ever had to email them... Call Flexi on the phone, wait 2 or 3...
  3. Rant HP Latex 365 Frequent Head Crashes

    Vacuum or heat are usually the culprits when we get a head crash on our 365. I think the only profiles I haven't had to tweak a bit are two 3M ones I use
  4. Neon Signs Masterclass

    I have a close friend who is a bender who's been in it for over 25 years and he seems to think its a dying art.. He closed his shop 5 years ago and went to work for someone who does repairs because most of the townships, cities, etc. won't permit these anymore. It's all LED and bendable...
  5. Flexi Sign Pro 12: Job Holding, Can't Move to Print

    I believe this is an actual glitch of flexi 12. This happens to me about halfway through the day sometimes. Usually, a quick open and close of Flexi and the manager fixes it.
  6. Outline, contour cut

    you can also select the outline, minus the letter counters and convert that to a Contour Cut under "Arrange / Contour Cut"
  7. Vinyl won't stick to glass

    I would also recommend working at a sign shop so you know what your doing and getting into... if you haven't already
  8. Suggestions Cardinal Red (Avery)?

    I'm not sure there is a color profile to "get" for printing Pantone colors. You're going to have to go in and manually change your profile or make a new one entirely. Color matching is a science or a guessing game, you get to chose.
  9. Need Help Sunburst Computers ?

    You definitely get what you pay and Casey is worth every penny. We own a number of his PCs and they are beast. For example I design everything 1:1 so I have a 10 tenant shopping center to full size in flexi with channel letter design for each and have zero hick ups or lag.
  10. Suggestions New Printer

    :P We actually threw our old Roland Eco-Solvents in the garbage.. that was an interesting day. Boss hates waiting for dry times and the smell. I was very skeptical about replacing them with HP 360 Latex machines, but they have both been work horses for the three years they have been running...
  11. Flexi Sign To Signlab

    Once you know one you can learn the other easy enough. It is all the same box of tools just rearranged these days. I went the opposite and went from SignLab to Flexi on the cloud and have been happier than a pig in mud now that I have all the bells and whistles.
  12. Looking to add two new 5' x 10' rolling tables into the shop, any good suggestions?

    We picked up a set of 2x4 Basics from Lowes for about 60 bucks, you can make the table any size you want and it is sturdy as the metal one next to it
  13. Whats your favorite weeding tool?

    Definitely Xacto's at our shop, but I have a friend who swears by the tweezers.
  14. New member from Austin, Tx!

    Welcome from Colorado!
  15. Lifespan of a shop mug

    I've wondered about this same thing, I've been drinking out of the same mug for 11 years now and it only gets a quick rinse every morning to get the old grinds out of the bottom.
  16. banner material on l25500

    We use Grimco's Key Banner and it has been working just fine on our L25500 and our 360
  17. Hello from Colorado!

    Howdy and welcome from Brighton, CO!
  18. When I rule the signmaking universe!

    Once you become Supreme Sign Ruler, maybe you get the vendors to cut 4x8 sheets of corex to the correct size... Can never get a squared piece of corex to save my life
  19. Completely frustrated with applying long panels on RV (Please Help!)

    When I am laying large runs of vinyl I like to think of the original Karate Kid movie... It's either "Show me Paint the Fence" or it is "Show me Paint the House"
  20. Edges coming up

    We recently printed fifteen 6ft donor trees to be applied to clean flat walls, all using Instant One Media.... Every last one of them curled and/or bubbled and had to be replaced with IJ40. Most craptastic material I have used to date, so when you buy your Edge Sealer pens, be sure to get a few...