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  1. When to wet

    Thanks very much Geary, glad they help you with your work !! Roger:smile:
  2. When to wet

    So, bad winter = no sign vinyl in your income ? Just takes a couple minutes to view the videos here Won't cost you a cent. Roger:unclesam:
  3. first time vinyl wet application problem

    Real good Doug, I suppose your contribution far outways the value of any merchant. Roger
  4. first time vinyl wet application problem

    So I take it you did see the wet application of MYLAR !! Lets just leave it at that ! Roger:tongue:
  5. first time vinyl wet application problem

    I simply don't get you or Chopper's reluctance to change your mind when someone offers proof, you would rather diss someone in a off subject way instead of takeing a couple minutes to learn something new? The videos don't brain wash you , they just might teach you a different method that can...
  6. first time vinyl wet application problem

    You made a statement that mylar can't be applied wet, I'm just tryin to bring the truth out, its only a 5 minute video to see to find out, can;t you spare 5 minutes ? Roger:help:
  7. When to wet

    206, have you checked out the application and removal videos at my site yet ? Roger
  8. first time vinyl wet application problem

    Oh yeaah, theres a link there for YOUTUBE as well. Roger:thumb:
  9. first time vinyl wet application problem

    Chopper, you need to go to my free videos and watch the wet mylar on glass application at 35 degrees f. Hate to break it to you here, would prefer you see it with your own eyes ! Roger:Cool 2:
  10. When to wet

    Replicator, I'm sorry but I must correct you here, you have some problem with your procedure like " not getting the substrate wet enough" . You see, if there are any dry spots on substrate , then you lay vinyl over them they are now a traped air pocket that becomes nearly impossible to...
  11. first time vinyl wet application problem

    If I may, I will shed some bright light; Your application had poor quick bonding because there is nothing in a soap and water solution that stimulates adhesive to bond quick.And yes ad the fact that you may have bought some poor quality film. Also, how and what you pre clean substrate with...
  12. When to wet

    206, check out my FREE video demos (glass apps, coroplast apps, etc.) You can do a wet application (with rapidtac or TacII) on any sealed substrate. Wood paper etc. that have not been sealed won't work. The reason to use the wet...
  13. New Guy

    He just heard YOU were appointed as "Public Relations Represenitive" for the eastern states sign group assc. Gino !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roger
  14. Just a Quick Intro.

    Howdy Bill, howsit goin?:cool1: Roger
  15. RapidTac Is Our Newest Merchant Member!

    Lets see, you get free samples,free videos, free catalogues, free advise from a free 800 number, and 5 products that actually perform better then advertised, so you can make more signs of better quality, and have more confidence to do them. Is there something I'm leaving out besides the fact...
  16. New Here, Doin' Vinyl Since 1998

    Friendly welcome from this new merchant ! Hey, don't take it too seriously, since some don't fit the "usual profile" they get flamed by others here for they're differences. Bottom line, your makeing a living, they are makeing a living, I hear them complain about having to deal with "cheap...
  17. RapidTac Is Our Newest Merchant Member!

    Unfortunatly it does at about 0 degrees, we have had it return to full state a few times but not usually. Its our only product (strictly a cleaner and polish AFTER any applications or painting) that will freeze at these temps. Roger
  18. RapidTac Is Our Newest Merchant Member!

    They will go out Mon., thanks for viewing ! Roger
  19. RapidTac Is Our Newest Merchant Member!

    Samples are on us, now its on you to test em! Roger:thumb:
  20. RapidTac Is Our Newest Merchant Member!

    Are you sure thats all it would take to "make you wiser" Geno?