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  1. Thoughts?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking at all the different flatbed UV printers out there and I'm wondering if you guys have any valuable input. Essentially all I'm going to be doing with this printer(s) is running 60"x80" cardboard sheets through it. I'm expecting to kick out roughly 4,000 sheets per...
  2. ValueJet 1304 - srtipe on the sides

    Can you take a picture? The text bit doesn't help much...
  3. Anybody have a hp designjet 3500cp

    I'd have to agree. You can get the HP 5000 and 5500 for dirt cheap.
  4. Mutoh Flair Report....good read

    I really liked this article. It was very thorough. Also, and I've said this before, the Spitfire is, in my opinion, one of the best printers on the market right now.
  5. Canon IPF9000S

    I have an 8000 and an 8000S in my demo room. Their prints are of the same quality. Frankly, I don't see the benefit in having 12 colors over 8. Perhaps if you are in photo repro it could be important but I think being able to crank the prints out at 2400x1200 in 16 pass at 200+ sfph is more...
  6. PrismJet VS. ValueJet & what did you pay?

    Mutoh still hasn't decided on a price for the 1608 yet. I've heard Mutoh execs say everything from $70,000 to $40,000. From what I've seen I would MSRP it at $49,995.
  7. ColorSpan or Gerber Solara?

    Most UV printers out there are a bit overpriced. If you buy now you'll be missing out. Wait 6 months. Some really cool machines are going to be coming out and others will have their prices absolutely slashed to hell.
  8. Advise Please Roland vs Mimaki

    I would pick the Mimaki over the HP 8000 without any hesitation. I've worked with both and seriously did not like the HP 8000 or the HP 9000. They are both absolute crap, if you ask me. Way over priced and outdated. The JV3 is a little on the older side but it is staying popular for good reason...
  9. Mutoh Spitfire

    In all seriousness, the Spitfire is a newer, faster, higher resolution model. I don't know what the MSRP is on the Blizzard, though. It may be cheaper.
  10. Mutoh Spitfire

    ? By the way, the Spitfire lays down prints with 5.4 picoliter dots. The HP Z6100, a 'photo quality printer', lays down CMYK in 6 picoliter dots.
  11. Canon IPF9000S

    Printed advertising? Signs? The one I'm running came with a take-up basket. Also, I do have some level of experience in printing but I found this printer to be very easy to use. If your vendor offers training you should be running at full speed by day two.
  12. New valujet 1608

    You can. I wouldn't. I saw it at ISA, too, but they had another unit in Belgium with the updated ink system. The ink is very flexible. It prints roll to roll just as well as solvent does. The only thing I haven't seen is drying times.
  13. New valujet 1608

    They last for 2 years without lamination. Roughly 3-4 with lamination. Trust me when I say there is practically no reason whatsoever to run eco-sol through it. It is, literally, a 64" VJ that takes thick substrates and uses the bio inks. If you ran eco-sol inks through it, it would just be an...
  14. Canon IPF9000S

    Canon IPF9000s As of the day I am typing this, the IPF 9000s has not yet been released into the market but there is no NDA so I can give my review. All in all, I was very pleased with this printer. I nearly pushed the HP out into the parking lot. Durability of Prints It uses pigmented inks...
  15. Mutoh Spitfire

    The 90" is $54,995. Also, Carlos (coworker) went to Belgium and got to work with the 90" before it was released. He said it produced the same prints at the same resolution at (no exaggeration) double the speed. F**king amazing.
  16. Mutoh Spitfire

    It's an awesome machine all around. It is so practical, too. That's the best part. So many printers have all these great features that are a pain to use or even basic functions take a lot of key punching. This printer is so straight-forward.
  17. Mutoh Spitfire

    MSRP for the Mutoh Spitfire Extreme 65" is $33,529 and it is sold by Mutoh Certified Resellers. I don't think Sign Warehouse sells it. I could be wrong. There's also a 90" version. I'll have to look up the price on it.
  18. Mutoh Spitfire

    This is actually my favorite printer right now. Expect a lot of praise here. Durability of Prints The mild solvent inks will give the typical 4 years without lamination (6 with lamination) and the Eco-Solvent set-up will give you the typical 3 years without lamination (5 with lamination)...
  19. Melting ?????

    That's crazy. I had the same thing happen to a customer of mine only it was way worse. Overnight and practically dripping.
  20. Opinions needed printer under 25K

    The 64" ValueJet comes in at $20,995 and prints 720x720 dpi at 140 sfph. The Mimaki JV3 I used printed 720x720 dpi at about 80 sfph. I don't know about the JV-33. The Mutoh 64" ValueJet requires very little maintenance while Mimaki typically requires a good deal of maintenance. It comes with...