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  1. What The Font?

    i created this several years ago and cant remember the 7 font. any help please? Thanks!
  2. What is the value of a Roland SP300v

  3. No longer offering Font finds

    umm, who cares? maybe some day you might need help JS
  4. Wow... I feel like a stranger in a strange land...

    condolences sent.
  5. X-acto unscrewing

    i use these and they are cheap and work great! you get them at Lowes.
  6. Vehicle Wrap Installer - Atlanta Area

    i'll pm you my buddies name, he owns a sign shop down by atlanta.
  7. Refurbished and Demo Equipment Available

    is Drew still with the company?
  8. Where to sell a used printer

    another thumbs up for Craigslist, put ad up one morning the next day it was gone! You can do a search for ALL OF craigslist and type in what you want and it will pull it up all over the US of that item.
  9. Camo a truck like Duck Dynasty

    whatever it takes to make a living..
  10. Ditching cable TV

    i couldnt agree more!! :thumb:
  11. WTF?? (what the font)

    thanks guys :smile:
  12. WTF?? (what the font)

    i dont think its this font, the "O" is round in the TOWING
  13. WTF?? (what the font)

    anyone help me out? thanks in advance. :Big Laugh
  14. name the font!

    thank you tiki!
  15. name the font!

    can anyone identify this ugly font for me? thanks in advance.
  16. Hiring professional installer in Middle TN area

    most good installers out of the Nashville area or the Atlanta area charge per vehicle not the hour, as like most things you get what you pay for!
  17. First Trailer Wrap

    i learned a long time ago to not "trade out" with radio stations. what vinyl/lam combo you use?
  18. Name the Font

    i just found it online fred. thank you!
  19. Name the Font

    thank you tiki, you know what the other one is called? i looked for it in my fonts cant seem to find it. thanks again
  20. Name the Font

    anyone tell me the name of the TB letter style? thanks for any help.