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  1. cow antlers

    Ya know.. not only that.. Ive never seen a cow with horns.. Bulls have horns.. where i come from.. loll KR . .just giving ya a hard time..
  2. Real Estate Agents: good customers or bad?

    we have both good ones and cheap ones.. Its like everything else.. differant personality types lol
  3. Equipment Complaint

    This is a great offer Mike.. I know I had Josh send me some samples I love it.. My customers love it.. and the product comes out really nice.. the clear is my favorite.. My only wish is that You guys would come out with an opaque that is matt finish.
  4. Can some help Please!!FAST!!!!!!!!!

    lol. I dont remember the number on the oracal..I always go look at the roll when i go to order .. lol.. I have a question.. did you get the media that you are having trouble with from the same place you got your printer.. and Did the supplier know it was for using on the versacamm?
  5. Can some help Please!!FAST!!!!!!!!!

    I use oracal print media on my versacamm.. never had a problem with that.
  6. Print not printing in a straight line

    our tech had us clean ours with a t-shirt lol.. but yeah .. we had that problem at one point..
  7. mystysue

    Yeah the forums is having trouble the last couple days.. I know Rodney Had reset it yesterday...

    Yeah the forums is having trouble the last couple days.. I know Rodney Had reset it yesterday.. but looks like its down again today.. keep trying it will be back soon im sure..
  8. Small Shops - How many active jobs do you have and what is your lead time?

    we have anywhere from 5 to 20 invoices on the board at a time.. most of the invoices have mulitple signs on each one.. our time to complete we try to maintain 24 to 48 hours if all work is done in house. Things like the ada and such.. depends of course on how long our supplier takes.. ...
  9. How do you conduct business?

    we have bar stools at the so they can sit.. if they want.. It works well..
  10. Would you switch?

    Tech.. I agree the price differance per job is so minimal.. its not worth fiddling with differant inks to me.
  11. Would you switch?

    Yups i meant the 440's sticking out.. .. my mind is fried .. been so busy i cant see or think straight..
  12. Would you switch?

    we use the smaller ones.. as it really only saves you like 5 dollars.. and I dont like how far out the 220 stick out.. .. we have tired the 220 and found the savings was mimimal.. when you think how long the ink last..
  13. Hello all.. :)

    Heyyyyyyyyyyy Hiya.. Now boys be nice to Kamm shes a friend.. lol. Kamm.. I know you will find loads and loads of info here.. as its just loaded with talent and knowledge.. .. and I must say You are going about this is a great way.. with all the research and stuff.. huggls sue
  14. Ethics 101 Maybe

    i know his alibi can be that he was busy at the time of the murder.. spending 5 hours exporting to his plotter lol. (see the other post he made about his logo design) Isigns. that was the greatest post yet..
  15. Ethics 101 Maybe

    You know.. perhaps you need to re read your orginal post.. .. Its not that anyone is persay sad if a competion goes out of business.. but your not talking about competing with good products Your talking about undercutting.. charging less than cost .. or at cost.. for the main purpose of...
  16. Ethics 101 Maybe

    Why do you want to put a person out of business you dont even know.. this has to be one of the worse thoughts ive ever heard.. You say.. you dont know the guy but will put a shop right across the street.. sell at or below cost.. for 5 years.. to drive him out.. .. WHY?????? shakes heads...
  17. GX-24 Cutting Strip

    yeah.. my Partner and Crime and i do.. Its just that my roland is the only machine.. He dont use lol.. and its where when sitting at my desk.. i can reach it.. lol..
  18. GX-24 Cutting Strip

    rof.. nah.. i love my plotter.. .. Its the one that is completely just mine.. lol.. We have an older graphtec too.. and a versacamm in the shop.. but the little 24 inch roland Is MINE lol..
  19. GX-24 Cutting Strip

    Yeah.. it took off taking the vinyl backwards.. and cut where they was no vinyl .lol.. I always remember to set the origin now.. lol.
  20. GX-24 Cutting Strip

    when i first got my roland gx-24 I kept forgetting to press origin. thats what ruined My other plotter didnt have that. so i was unused to it.. and yes it will affect how your vinyl cuts.