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  1. RAMS3D software

    I think our router is coming with PRO LAB...does that sound right? I wish I could remember what they told me. I will know in a week or two.
  2. Anyone wanna trade edge tips/tricks?

    Hey Fred, That light trick is kewl! Improving on that lead, what if you just had a mirror, a little square mirror that would reflect the overhead shop lights back up on the underside of the graphic. Im gonna give it a try. I like to knock things off the table, so the light bar I save may...
  3. Just got new CNC

    Chris, Do your homework if you really really want a router. They are not that expensive, financing is available, used ones are out there at great prices, and you can build your own. 1. For entry level routing, Shop Bots and Wart Hogs are within reach. Especially Shop Bots. And Shop Bot...
  4. My Wart Hog is coming...get ready!

    Ernie, The new router is still in LaFayette Georga, its a Southern Bell :) The good folk at GlenTek are still waiting on a critical piece of equipment to come in. Whatever the part is, they don't make it themselves. They were hoping it would be arriving shortly. I'm hoping for a...
  5. My Wart Hog is coming...get ready!

    I don't like that 15 minute edit or you are screwed feature! I reserve the right to change my mind several days from now to remove my foot from my mouth! :)
  6. My Wart Hog is coming...get ready!

    Ok, Now how do I change that butt ugly yellow "new member" icon to the left? :help: hahahahahahahah :) Yeah, we need Ernie here.
  7. My Wart Hog is coming...get ready!

    It took so long because this place didn't show up on Google search, or it was 15 pages downstream. I got here from 4edgetalk. :)
  8. My Wart Hog is coming...get ready!

    I maybe a newbie at CNC Routing But I'm gonna learn it instead of go trouting I'll hang out around here, but Im not a pest! Just a big headed signmaker who thinks he's the best! :) I go in for training in just a few days Down South of Chatanooga a ways Down at GlenTec, where Wart Hogs...