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  1. Shovelhead

    I'm shocked! I found out 2 days ago he was fighting cancer. RIP Shove! You will be missed.
  2. Hello from Alberta, Canada

    Hello from Edmonton! Stevo


  4. Jillbeans Happy Birthday

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JILL!!!!!!! :birthday: And of course from our buddy here too!! Stevo
  5. Still I getting any better?

    Here's a monday morning quickie suggestion. Truck Lettering will always be my fav to design. Something that has always bothered me is putting an illustration of a truck on a truck. Great suggestions above! Stevo PS. All fonts are from
  6. Let's Go Penn's

    Go Nashville!! I get flack for not cheering for the only canadian team, but I can't stand the Sedin aliens. Looks like Pierre has broadened his horizons by covering the royal wedding as well.
  7. Let's Go Penn's
  8. Let's Go Penn's

    WORST SPORTSCASTER EVER!!! Why is this guy even working?? He even works for NBC i believe during their hockey telecasts! A hack and overanalystic moron he is!! Stevo
  9. Let's Go Penn's

    Look on the brightside! You can still watch hockey with our favorite analyst! He's so insightful and knowledgable that any game I watch makes it much more entertaining. Stevo
  10. Stevo

    Comment by 'Stevo' in media 'USA'

    This is great!!!
  11. Stevo

    Comment by 'Stevo' in media 'Nelson'

    Very Nice!
  12. Let's Go Penn's
  13. Let's Go Penn's

    GO PENS!!!! My favortie playoff team, since my oilers havent made it in a few years. Loved the old igloo. HOT CANDY! Stevo
  14. Casual font help.

  15. Casual font help.

    Man, is that one fugly logo! I was gonna guess "happy famarie" was the font, or maybe it's "crusched crackersch" ;) Stevo
  16. My first wrap

    Every layout, whether its a no parking sign or a wrap should have the copy prioritized correctly. This "wrap", with the exception of the circle, could pass for just a cut vynull job. It is quite dull and boring to look at. Stevo
  17. New Shop Truck Layout

    Is it me? Or just saying wraps on there could also mean food wraps to the general public? Mcdonalds sells wraps. Either way, I just see this layout as a total disaster with no flow, typical of a "wrap designer" these days. The photoshop filter man just took a puke on it! Bravo! stevo
  18. STEELER FACTS....hummmmmmmmm

    7 years of dumbass posts 7 photos in the gallery using brush script 7 Steelers stickers on your truck 7 attempts to post perverted pics of yourself in a speedo 7 inches out of square your shop is 7 inches of mullet 7 ))))))) 7 coro signs in your neighbourhood to bitch about, you prob made...
  19. Life (and this forum) is what we make it.

    Look out signs101!! You are about to be infiltrated by Grampa Dan on his speech podium, talking about life, himself, his router, and veiling it as "inspiration". When in fact, it is nothing but wanting attention to stroke an already massive ego. Nobody likes a bully. :frustrated:
  20. New Year's thoughts