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  1. Font ID Help Please!

    Hey All been quite some time sense I've been On, Been Very Busy... need some Help with the Attached Font ID : "Victoria"
  2. desk signs bottom of Page 24 of there catalog looks like it.
  3. Mud flaps

    thanks Jhill. that might work.
  4. Mud flaps

    Thanks looks like they only have the mudflaps no customizing or imprinting
  5. Mud flaps

    Thanks, the require minimum of 25 pairs only need one pair.
  6. Mud flaps

    Anyone know a good vendor for Mud flaps? I have a customer that wants his logo on the Mud flaps of his 16ft box truck. Thanks.
  7. Newest member of my team!!!

    Congrates! Gino, I was thinking more like does that Satellite dish get Free HBO?
  8. Boat Graphic Designs

  9. Horrific Casualty of Hurricane Irene

    You are and A$$ Hole Does this look like a joke to you this is 65% of what My neigbor hood looks like Familys have lost everything and some were Spared. Your a Moron! find your facts before you blow your Hole.. This just one of the many I could show but im to busy getting My shop back in...
  10. 2010 Mustang stripes sign up for there wholesale account Great products use them all the time.
  11. New member from NY

    Welcome, from your Neighbor here on the Island of Long.
  12. Font ID

    Thank You. just check Gemini catalog and that looks like it.
  13. Font ID

    Hey all not to good with font ID'ing here. any help would be appreciated.. need both the larger and Smaller letters the have to match exactly as i need to add to there wall Directory. so I figured I has the Font ID pros.. Thanks in advance..
  14. Flexisign on 2 machines, Vinyl Express cutters, Win7 on one, XP on other

    You will need to make sure the two cutters are shared devices on the win 7 pc. once this is done you should be able to select the cutter from the drop down in flexi manager on the xp PC
  15. Roland camm-1 CX24 communication problem

    +1 for the driver The CX-24 requires a driver to be Installed for it to work.
  16. God I hate these type of customers

    When I get these types that are looking for Prices and can't get info from them, I tell'em between $100 to 1 Million..that usually ends the call. or they start given up more information. but than I don't quote over the phone..
  17. Dale chihuly

    No, he is just tring to cleanup the mess they made..
  18. Dale chihuly

    I dono, to me looks like a 2 year old spilled there finger paints..never under stood that kind of art, to me it doesn't take any talent to throw some paint on something.....
  19. Office/Shop Phone Headset Advice... please, i'm in pain! Take a look at the Plantronics Equipment. The company I provide tech support at use's the cs55. and have pretty good range in the office building. They have all kinds of wireless heads to match phone systems.
  20. Dang this chick is huge!