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  1. Old English font help pretty please :)

    OKay I need to know both of the Evolution font and designs please. Thanks ALL
  2. Coputer hardware pros only

    I don't think you really would see a huge differance on speed. Sometimes there is some issues with this type of drives.
  3. FONT help please

    MY GOD!!! You guys are quick and good.... THANK YOU soo much... :notworthy:
  4. FONT help please

    Okay I cannot find this simple font. Can somebody help please. Im going out of my mind now.:omg: Thanks guys and gals
  5. Hawaiian font help

    What is this font? I like the way it looks a lot. help please. (Yes I am BACK)
  6. Font Manager Program? What do you guys use?

    I used LintoType fontexploer X and my feelings.. DON"T USE IT!!! It screwed up my whole computer by deleting system fonts. It took me 2 hours to undo its F'in mess it made. As soon as I can find my old Corel Draw im using that again.
  7. FONT Help Please :)

    Umm oops
  8. FONT Help Please :)

    Okay I have been trying to find this font for a week. I have nothing like it. Anybody have any idea of this font please?
  9. Font

    Jill I don't know :( Not my design just trying to reproduce it for a friend.
  10. Font

    THank you ONE DOWN... That was PERFECT!!!!:U Rock:
  11. Font

    I have went thorugh all the star trek fonts and nothing comes close for that.
  12. Font

    Okay... ummmm.... we know were this is going.... HELP :) Just need to figure out the Excessive and performance Product font Thank you guys
  13. FONT ID please

    Were doing somethings for the school but nobody knows what the font is. I know I will need to make the outline probablly and the tails. Just need the basic font. Thanks,
  14. Help

    Yes... THANK YOU!!!!
  15. Help

    anybody know the font from U.S. Cargo? I figure posting the link would be easier. Thank you, Jer
  16. Font

    Here is a font. Can you guess what it is? Because I can't
  17. Font Please :)

    Okay... You guys are soo good at this. Im learning more and more fonts and remembering them except for this one. Trying to find the Tim and the McAmis. I know the Mc Amis is just an outline I will have to add.
  18. FONT HELP Please

    Well its just that it needs to say something different. Didn't really want to spend the time on Drawing out the lettering but I think I am going to be doing just that. Thank you though.
  19. FONT HELP Please

    :biggrin: LOL thats not funny
  20. FONT HELP Please

    Noooo... your not supposed to say that!!! I was hoping it was just tweaked a little.