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  1. We all know the Edge is an ugly machine...

    Love my edge:)!!!
  2. "Sharpen Your Edge" promotion from Gerber

    wow, good to know!! thanks I have the oldest I think that might need a few new parts.. So, you go to this thing, and take your Edge with you??
  3. Fellers.........Cha cha cha changes?

    Funny, I went to order a cut 48" log, they don't do that anymore, and they don't have 15" arlon white HP either. So, I may not oreder a lot from them but still.. So, what is frank on now...a supplier he is not anymore...liked it when it was Ameriban, ah back in the day...
  4. Long Run on the Edge...

    I've run 30' thru my edge with no issues.. but why are you using the edge, should be plotted vinyl.
  5. Gerber 4B

    still using my 4B for my edge prints... It's slow but does the job!!
  6. Need help with this Font PLEASE.

    Enviro I think
  7. What does a graphic designer do?

    I also am a Graphic Designer before the computer age... so I might take a little offense to all your comments, BUT I can relate to all the crap you all get, because I get the same.
  8. New computer Edge/Plotter questions

    Mine is a Dell Optiplex.. 4b didnt work. On phone for 3 months with Tony D @Gerber. just telling my issues...
  9. New computer Edge/Plotter questions

    I had to get a window7 34 bit, but downgraded to an XP in order for my 4b to work. Tried many various cable Gerber recommended but none worked. I have Omega 4, scared to try 5...
  10. Predicament.....................

    Gino I have to say a few years back I had an issue with a MM here, and YOU told me to not bring it to signs101...but here you are doing the same thing?!?! Ironic? just wondering the logic behind it?
  11. That time of year again

    I highly recommend getting a trust. I am MPOA & POA for my aunt(passed away last year) & Uncles (91yrs old) they only had a will, I am currently going through courts lawyers accountants etc with a dick*** brother, over everything I have done to date, It is not fun!! So, if you have any vultures...
  12. Any Experience with

    I used to order from them...same thing. Haven't ordered in years, and I'm glad now that I haven't. same run-around. Be careful of a merchant member here who offers their blanks, they were all gouged when I got them, and they wouldn't take them back, even after sending pics.
  13. Real Estate Sign Frames

    Bull Steel
  14. A word to the wise about Gerber upgrades

    I upgraded to 4.0, I could not get my 4B to work!! I know old right. I had to wipe out windows 7 on a brand new Dell, and install XP, in order to get it to work. I still have issues with the target, but a minor PITA, but I'll deal..
  15. Does anyone Remember Royal Banner?

    I loved Royal Banner in New Jersey...those were the days. If you guys are custom making your banners with all the bells and whistles, I'm buying.
  16. Gerber Service is really upsetting me.

    I hope Tony D still works for Gerber, he was/is my main tech support!!!
  17. All Ladies ??Please help

    I have to say, the best thing I ever did was swim with dolphins this year!!! by far, totally orgasmic!! Points big time:)
  18. Need advice on a crappy situation

    Realtors are the worst!! beside hair salons!!
  19. Hi All

    nothing wrong with the 4B, still got mine:) Welcome to the crazzzzy group!!
  20. Can You HELP ID this font?

    felt point or felt tip? something like that