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  1. Thoughts on Master Pro cutters?

    Any thoughts or opinions on these cutters that places like Masterwarehouse and UStech sell? We currently have an Ioline Studio 8/20 and are looking for something a little more current. Looking for something that can accept 24" media.
  2. Flexi Pro 7.5 Key expired after years of use?

    Found it. Doh!
  3. Flexi Pro 7.5 Key expired after years of use?

    That's odd. I don't recall having one before on this. I ran the system as late as October of last year before I put the computer away. I tried setting my computer clock back but that failed with a security error built-in to the software.
  4. Flexi Pro 7.5 Key expired after years of use?

    So I fired up my old computer that has Flexi Pro 7.5 on it and it now is prompting me that my key is expired. How could this be? It has always worked in the past. Software came with my cutter. I try to re-enter the key and it says "valid and stored, but then it re-prompts me saying my key is...
  5. How to properly cut in Flexi

    Ok, so I thank everyone for their help. I havent been able to sit down at my computer with Flexi but I have done another PDF that has the colors separated to make it easier. I placed it on a gray background so the white is more visible. As you can see there is white lettering with black...
  6. How to properly cut in Flexi

    Ok, so I am new to the world of Flexi and AI but is there an easy way to configure Flexi to cut the logo that I have attached as just 1 piece? I' am doing this as a favor for a friend of mine. Currently it wants to cut black and white and I certainly do not want to have a multiple layer vinyl...
  7. Summa or Graphtec ??

    I love the Summa D60. Cant speak for the Graphtec but they would be my second choice. Get a bundled system with Flexi.
  8. Font help

    :help: Anybody:help:
  9. Font help

    Can anybody identify the font that is commonly used for the word racing? Chicago from SignDNA is the closest thing I have found. Also if anybody has a clue on the other font that is included in the image I have attached, that would be great too. Thanks.
  10. Is this a good deal?

    Thank you Bill for your response. I see replacement blades for sale all over the web but havent been able to find sources for other replacement parts such as cutting strips. Any suggestions?
  11. Is this a good deal?

    I've been offered a 30" Ioline Studio 8 cutter fo $500. It looks and works great as I have seen it first hand. My question, is this a good deal and what software would be recomended that wont break the bank. Im only using this machine for small general lettering and our Stika just wont get...