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  1. Weeding tips anyone?

    eyeballs work just fine i'm only 24 so right now they work just fine. by the time i'm 40 i will have invented something that automatically weeds your vinyl, so i'm not too worried.
  2. ENCAD VinylJet 36 COLOR Sign Printer

    we have an encad novajet paper weight. i'd pass on that machine that you've found, it may end up like our novajet.
  3. Program Crash

    you probably have bad sectors in your drive. do this, go to my computer right click your c: drive and go to properties go to tools and click the one that says error checking. it may find a few errors and correct them, and also ask for a boot error-check, that is really what you...
  4. Anybody own a colorspan 5400?

    i wonder how bad light banding is on the 5400. if it's just a 6 printhead setup then it's going to be BAD no matter what unless printed in single pass or really small bands.
  5. Illustrator files won't delete or save over.

    better go get another drive and back up your artwork files, that drive is probably going to need to be reformated as it sounds like you have a virus.

    the new computer i biult for the shop doesn't have a parallel so our printer wouldn't work, got a usb to parallel and it works just fine. you have to use special drivers though, so signs365 your stuff most likely was caused by the drivers.
  7. warranty

    the pump on ours just died and apparently the printer is 14 months old. it's an alright printer, but it's already had to have one head replaced and now the magenta is having problems as well. I clean the thing but no one wants to pay for replacement parts that i keep asking for, so it's just...
  8. Anybody own a colorspan 5400?

    i've printed aluminum on a zund uvjet 215plus and a ganndinnovations 3150. Aluminum is one of the better printed materials IMHO. The ink bakes on WAY better than coro and it doesn't crack or anything on aluminum, HOWEVER, this isn't colorspan's ink.
  9. Edit bitmap opens piant

    haha, sucks man. try this. find a bitmap file some where on your computer, or make one and save it and remember where you save it. find it in my computer, then right click it and click properties. click the button that says "opens with" and change it from paint to photo paint.
  10. Desktop upgrade?

    Are you building it or buying a pre-built from dell or hp or something? if it's only for work, video card does not matter, it's stupid when people try to say "well i hear the dx10 cards are WAY better for graphic design than the older cards". It has nothing to do with graphics, only thing it...
  11. Illustrator Cut Paths Are Giving Me AIDS

    why are you importing it into flexi?
  12. Illustrator Cut Paths Are Giving Me AIDS

    don't throw the computer out the window. Are the stickers raster images? If not, do they use a lot of gradients? And when you are saving as an .eps file are you selecting "preserve illustrator blah blah" the last check box? because that should be UNchecked.
  13. printing and cutters stickers

    they're all over ebay for 3500 bucks. it's the LE machine, a little older but 3500 bucks all over the place, still under manufacter warranty.
  14. printing and cutters stickers

    actually, sell the cx and buy a gerber edge. I believe you could get a used one for a couple of grand. That's what I would do.
  15. Glad to Be Here!

    howdy from texas
  16. printing and cutters stickers

    Your cx 24 doesn't actually print anything. It cuts solid vinyl, and you can get as creative as you like with solid vinyl, it can be layered and layered to make very nice looking graphics. Depending on what you're trying to print, could probably be done in vinyl using your cx 24 alone.
  17. Illustrator tools vanished!

    hmm.... i had cs2 and now cs3 on both of the machines I use and they both worked fine w/ nearly 3000 fonts installed. Maybe it's time for a system upgrade isign.
  18. Illustrator tools vanished!

    i just put all the fonts in windows/fonts and dig through them in the program, it's nice having all your fonts installed and ready to go at all times, rather than turning them on and off (i've done it this way before). I guess some machines may not be able to handle 3000 fonts just as well as...
  19. Illustrator tools vanished!

    and why do you add and subtract fonts so much?
  20. Illustrator tools vanished!

    You mean the standard windows fonts? I do believe they will delete. I have done this before for some reason, can't remember and I know it doesn't screw anything up. How many fonts do you have? On most of the machines I'm working on I have around 3000.