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  1. Wireless Plotter

    Wireless The issue with wireless vs wired is the way information is sent or packets. With a wired connection (Parallel, usb, or serial), the packet opens, all the information is sent, the the packet is closed. The plotter see's 1 job and it has all the information. With a wireless connection...
  2. Windows Issue?

    I completely aggree with you Mike Paul, Windows ME is the ******* step child of microsoft. Windows 98 was out for about 2 1/2 to 3 years and microsoft needed money to fund the whole Windows 2000 project. So they released a Windows 98 with some new bells and wistles that weren't ready to be...
  3. Firefox

    Firefox is all I use. I stopped using IE ever since I had to reformat my computer very 3 months due to virus and adware. Right now my computer is on about 8 or 9 months and no issue's with either.
  4. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas guys, I am not very creative so I decieded to give you a christmas link that made me laugh. This guy actually got shut down by city (grid lock from all the light watchers). But he did have a radio station set up to play this song...
  5. Font help,

    Thanks Mayson73, :U Rock:
  6. Font help,

    Ok, Thanks for everyones assistance. Especially TVG, I think I am going to get that font just to spite you. LoL JK I already have one kinda like that.
  7. Font help,

    Maybe this will help. Here is the link to the actual website.
  8. Font help,

    Hey Guys, I need some assistance locating a font, I think the name is Interlocking script monogram font. Here is a picture of it. Also does anyone know where I might be able to purchase this font? Thank you in advanced
  9. flexisign demo?

    Hey Guys, Yes, you can get a demo version of the software from almost any retailers. The only problem is it will not allow you to output anything. You can't save, print or export anything. It is strictly for viewing purposes. Yes, go Pro all the way. Yes, you can run the production manager...
  10. Flexi 7.0 on Windows XP Pro Sp2 not print

    Hello Adikto, When you updated from Win98 to WinXp did you do a complete format of the hard driver and install a new set of windows or did you just update win98 to winXP? I have never had luck with just updating, something's just never seem to act right or connect up properly. I would...
  11. Flexi Help Please

    I was just about to reply that same thing, make sure ALL your firewalls/virus protections were turned off while installing. They normally do cause havoc while installing flexi's products.
  12. Flexi Help Please

    New CD Hello Uneedasign, I would suggest getting the newest version of version 6's. Version 6.5v3 was mainly intended for Windows 95/98 users and it can work on Windows 200. Version 6.6v1 was intended for windows 98/2k users, it was brought out about 1 year later than the 6.5v3. All you...
  13. Help Cutting Small Letters Flexi 7.5

    Yes, the offset is what you are looking for. You want to either control it by the cutter or the software. If the cutter has the ability to set it there, I would do it there and turn the software off from controlling it. That way they don't get into a tug of war and mess up sometimes and not...
  14. HELP!! FlexiSignPro 7.6 suddenly...

    Hey Dennis/Gcljlamb, Uninstalling and reinstalling flexi is a big step. When Flexi has a built in reset button, which will reset it back to the day it was installed. It is called Clear Preferances. But first, make sure you jobs are not saved in the C:/ProgramFile/Flexi directory. If they are in...
  15. Output not what expected

    Hey Weeding4life, Is that image a lot of different colors? Or is it just a single color? If it is a single color you can cut it with ease. When you go to your cut/plot screen, go to the advance tab, uncheck where it says send all colors. Go to back to the general tab you will a couple of box...
  16. Hi Guys

    Welcome Jim,
  17. WinXP & Flexi

    March 31 was the first date posted that you were able to download a ISO of it if you had purchased a copy of WinXP Pro. You can also trade up, but you have to talk to Microsoft before a certian date, which is up and coming fast but I couldn't find the exact date. JayHawkSigns...
  18. Mac vs. PC

    Using an old dell at work, 1.6Ghz and 256mb of ram. Using a 3.2Ghz HT, 2 gig Ram at home. Using a 2.4Ghz, 512mb HP for my laptop. All of them do all the things I need to do.
  19. Corel 12 - combine, right?

    Hey, /Slap Dark3d Just kidding. What you are looking for is the combine feature. You are just missing one step. You need to select the black D and the inside white piece and change them both to black before doing the Arrange then Combine. Welcome to the wonderful / wacky world of sign...