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  1. Sunny's Tanning help

    LOL I googled the snot out of tanning logos and what not, I found nothing that made me say wow. I know the name could use some work and so could everything that the lady is wanting in her choices of themes and colors. She wants a Bahama Breeze feel with colors being pinks, coral blues, lime...
  2. Sunny's Tanning help

    I need a bit of help to pull this together. Anyone up for it? What I have so far,,, :thankyou: bones Automated message: Please observe Signs 101 rules on posting pictures found here :thankyou:
  3. Graphtec CE2000 60 & software

    I have the newer ce3000 and I design and cut with Corel nothing else no bridge program. If you want to stay cheep get Corel and your done. Now you can design and cut from one program. Just a thought! bones
  4. NEWBIE... just bought Corel Draw 12

    Corel 12 cutting direct to 24" graphtec here.... no bridge program. yaahhh there is gonna be a learning curve for ya!:tongue: Stick with it, its gonna be worth it in the long run. Jeff
  5. Help! Cutting from Corel.

    Do I need to POSTERIZE images if they are VECTOR ready? Nope! Do I need to set the hairline image and no fill before I (print) cut in Corel w/Vector ready? Yep! Click the pic. Outline the pic. Manually type in .0004" for the width of your hairline outline. Click no fill and you are done...
  6. Newbie from MI

    welcome Hi Tc! Welcome from Lapeer Mi. Bones