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  1. Photo Print Question.

    Hi George, Rod asked me to investigate the details of your issue. I am the manager for the North American tech support center and would like to learn more about the specific problems you have encountered. If you are interested you can PM me your contact information and your SignLab dongle...
  2. Pirate Software Alert!

    You can report these types of postings to CADlink directly by emailing the details to CADlink is a member of the eBay VERO program and we can request eBay to remove these items which infringe on our copyright.
  3. This is Crap!!!!

    I would like to pass on a sincere Thank-You to the concerned and morally responsible members who felt compelled to bring this to CADlinks attention. I will be contacting eBay today regarding this matter. Fortunately in this situation there is a complaint and resolution process in place with...
  4. Flexi vs. Signlab I just bought a Versacam and need to buy one or the other.

    Git-R-Done, I can send you a demo version of SignLab which will allow printed (but spoiled) output. You will still be able to see the quality of the print job and experience the workflow firsthand. Email me your mailing address if you are interested or if you have any questions on SignLab.
  5. Gerber 4b situation

    FastBoards and Super Adapter Cards are still available from CADlink. Email me if you have technical questions or contact sales for pricing. Sales 800-545-9581
  6. Font Memory

    Single-click the "unidentified object". The top-left of the SignLab screen will list what the object type is. If it says "polyarc, polygon or path", then it is no longer a font and you cannot change or easily determine the font used. If it says "paragraph" in the top left then...
  7. Font Memory

    George, I'm not sure if I understand your problem. If you open a SignLab file and already have some text on-screen, then double-click the text to enter Text Editing mode and the font used on that text will be listed at the top of the screen. Does this help?
  8. Edge Printing with SignLab e6?

    Hi Billy, What gresults is referring to is the Thermal Printing Module, which I do not see on your dongle. Ensure that you have a print mode selected under Print and Cut Setup. Click on Setup button, click on Printer Settings Dialog tab. Print mode should be highlighted in the top window...
  9. vector images

    dittyro, You will need to contact Sales to discuss the details. 800-545-9581 Hubert
  10. two cutters

    George, The simplest scenario is if you have different cutting devices. Simply install both drivers and setup each driver for a different port. If you are not cutting to them simultaneously, then you select which driver you want to use in either the Cut Preview or the Plotting Defaults...
  11. vector images

    Dittyro, You are more than likely using a designer version of SignLab. Designer versions of e6 do not have the Export option. You more than likely are using the Export Image option. Designer versions were meant to be coupled with a full version, hence the ability to only save as CDL or as...
  12. SL5 dongle with new printer

    Bill, Send an email to indicating the problem trying to login to the web-site. We will reset your password and send it back to you.
  13. Is This Legal?

    This site does not send out CDs, you can only get the software through downloading. Check the FAQs.
  14. Problems w/software

    George, There will be nothing to download if you are already on the latest version and build. In SignLab, go to Help > About Signlab. Check your version and revision numbers. If you are using Signlab e6.0, then also press 'r' on your keyboard while the About dialog is open. Also find...
  15. Is This Legal?

    Check with the software manufacturer you are interested in to see if they can confirm if this web-site is an authorized reseller.
  16. Problems w/software

    George, Close down Signlab and ensure that you save the e6 patch into the C:\Cadlink\Signlab e6 folder. You will be asked to overwrite the exisiting file, Choose Yes. Now try patching again. Start > Programs > Signlab e6 > Update Signlab. Choose the Cadlink Web-site option, click Next...
  17. Service Pack 2

    There are known issues with XP service Pack2 and SignLab e6.0. Please consult our Knowledge Base for details. There are no known issues with SP2 and SignLab e6.1. Users must ensure that they are using the latest revision. Revision 17 as of today. Instructions on how to patch are available...
  18. Problems w/software

    George, You will need the patch labelled e6. The tech note explains this in more detail.
  19. Problems w/software

    Ensure that you update to the latest build for your particular version of SignLab. For e6.0, the latest build available is build 13. For information on how to upgrade to the latest build, see the Tech Note "How To Patch SignLab e6" from the Cadlink Knowledge Base. Hubert Furey Cadlink...