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  1. Seeking vehicle graphic/wrap installer occasional 1-2 man jobs - Abilene Texas area

    Looking for a contract vehicle graphic installer for jobs in Eastland Texas - east of Abilene Texas 60 miles, west of Fort Worth 90 miles. We design and print in house and provide indoor facility for installs. Please email or text with interest and questions. Bryan Jackson Bryans Signs and...
  2. Font ID Needed

    No sir I don't. I have run across this need a few times over the years and just never spent much time on it. I've used Pace and stretched in around but this time I just decided I was going to try and pin it down. Antique Olive is probably it.
  3. Font ID Needed

    Closest I found too. Was hoping for better match on letter S. Nonetheless, Bless ya both.
  4. Font ID Needed

    Can't seem to lock on to this one but I figure someone out there will recognize it quickly. Thank you in advance.
  5. Name that FONT please

  6. Pictures of MX bikes you made graphics for!

    Nothing will work very long on a plastic gas tank, at least that's available in the states, as the fumes actually comes through the plastic and breaks down the glue on the material backing. There are some lead based glues/materials out there but I have yet to find availibility on them. Of course...
  7. Sales Tax and QuickBooks

    I've had to do this myself dealing with Texas Internet access sales tax being discounted to 0% for the first $25.00 and then normal for $25.01 and up. As well, hosting services received a 20% taxing discount. The only way I found to do it, other than what you've already described, was to make...
  8. Print Server question for pros

    I have a 540 Roland that has the NIC Interface and a 300 thats USB. I have tried different print server hubs on the 300 and have been unsuccessful in all attempts to do what your wanting to do. After fighting the problems associated with long spliced USB cords for several years, I finally moved...
  9. Price Posting and Discussion at Signs 101

    I use this forum everyday and enjoy it so. I apologize as I have missed the contribution/membership options along the way. With that said, I just become a contributing member and found that the yearly contribution is nothing for the help I get from the site. As an owner of multiple companies...
  10. Need SP540V Driver Download

    I had the same problem TNT. I have since got the file from Roland and have uploaded for you in zip format. Help yourself.
  11. Roland SP540 vs. VP540

    I actually bought all the equipment from a sign shop that closed down and the SP540 was my main focus out of a number of things, including laminator, comp system, cutter, lots of worthless vinyl and such. I estimate the dollar value on the SP540 was about 11,500. Hard to say for 100% since I...
  12. Roland SP540 vs. VP540

    We recently bought a used SP540 at a decent price. We have been using the SP300 for several years and was very comfortable with it, in fact, we still use it daily as well. The VP is a totally different animal than the SP and for our size shop, I could not justify the differences in costs VS...
  13. Need Input On Fair Cost for Cutter/System Combo

    Thanks for the input. Its appreciated. PS: The local is in the t-shirt business and already has a cutter, but it's on the blink. Besides, I'm not the only guy in the world with equipment for sale - and they know that too. :thumb:
  14. Need Input On Fair Cost for Cutter/System Combo

    I bought a sign shop and dont need the cutter and system that was in the package deal. However, I have a local person interested and was wondering if someone could chime in and tell me if my price on those 2 items are fair at 2k. Thanks in advance for your input...
  15. Roland SP Versacamm Catch Baskets

    Thanks, but thats not a business. No store front apparently, no website apparrently, and no credit cards accepted. Pay up front and hope for the best don't go to well with me. More anyone?
  16. Roland SP Versacamm Catch Baskets

    Can anyone direct me to a business that offers the media catch baskets for both Roland SP300 & SP540 printers please? Thanks in advance.
  17. Monster Energy Drink Font

    I have a client that is wanting some lettering done in the Monster Energy Drink style font. Anyone run accross something that would be close to this out there yet? Thanks for your assistance.
  18. Hi from Belgium

    Welcome to Signs 101 - from Texas.