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  1. Merry Christmas

    Yea... Yes Happy Hol.....HAHAHA you thought I was going to say it...NOT!!! Merry Christmas!!!!
  2. Taking the Jump

    I will add to Doug's info on this one... DO NOT HAVE A PARTNER. No if ands or buts, partners only drag you down and unless he or she is your clone and you both are tied in at the brain you WILL have conflict that leads to distruction of your dream. I've been through this and thank GOD...
  3. AI-CS2: Tip on using outline strokes

    Bobby try this, when you outline type and want that outline to be vectored, hit expand and ok, once this process happens you do end up with overlapage but right after the expanding is done, go to your pathfinder tab and hit Merge...that's it you're done and the time for this process is about 7...
  4. Son Signs Inc. -logo-

    Son Signs Inc. -logo-

    This logo took me a while but now that I see it I think, that didn't take so long.
  5. First Vinyl Business

    Welcome and enjoy the people here, they're a big help!
  6. What Size Cutter?

    Roland Camm1 -24in But always looking for a sale. :thumb:
  7. S

    Comment by 'Son Signs' in media 'P5230024'

    Ursta Graphics, I like your style!!! Love the Flames!!! Did you creat them on your own?
  8. Mt. Cross Welding Truck

    Mt. Cross Welding Truck

    This is a close up that shows the diamond plate vinyl better, it's inside my shop.
  9. Mt Cross Welding Truck

    Mt Cross Welding Truck

    This is all an vinyl 5color job that includes some diamond plate vinyl. I like ones like this!
  10. S

    Comment by 'Son Signs' in media 'carmens'

    So I am just starting things up with my sign shop and have a manufacture the whole sign or order all the parts and do you put it up yourself also? Thanks, Jay
  11. 1st Annual Signs 101 T-Shirt Design Contest

    Dave, I like the designs! How long have you designing? :thumb:
  12. nVision Truck Quarter Panel

    nVision Truck Quarter Panel

    This I thought was funny because it looks like I placed the "Sign Shop!" in with Photoshop :-)
  13. nVision Shop Truck angled

    nVision Shop Truck angled

    Just another angle.
  14. nVision's Shop Truck

    nVision's Shop Truck

    This is just one of our vehicles that we are loading up with graphics. Let me know what you think.
  15. Van Hood logo

    Van Hood logo

    This was a free-bee for letting nVision apply their logo on the van.
  16. Basic 2 color Van Lettering

    Basic 2 color Van Lettering

    This job was our first BIG job as a company.
  17. Member Album by Son Signs

    Member Album by Son Signs

  18. nVision Graphic 1

    nVision Graphic 1

    Basic but clean
  19. New Guy...

    Welcome!!! WELCOME!!!! :Welcome:
  20. New Signs Shop with LOADS of ????s

    Hey eveybody I'm part of a new Sign Shop opening up in Danville, Virginia and just thought I say HI!!!! :biggrin: