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  1. familiar faces!

    thanks all! nice to see a lot of the same faces wherever i go!:glasses:
  2. Who's the Bigger Problem?

    hello all - although i marked signmaker, i tend to agree with jeff; i charge a fair price for my work and don't have time to dicker with the customer who wants mona lisa work for funny page prices. there will always be a string of somebody's out there who will cheapen their work and cater to...
  3. familiar faces!

    :wink: didn't want to exceed your bandwith fred! and there are so few who recognize it that i don't usually include it :cool: very nice place you have here - thanks for the warm welcome! :thankyou:
  4. familiar faces!

    wow - lotta familiar faces in here :cool1: i am an unabashed junkie and just read about your site from an introduction over there, so i thought i'd pop in and say hello! i haven't explored your site in it's entirety yet, but from what i've seen it's very good! i look forward...