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  1. Mutoh VJ1324 *Service* manual

    I am also looking for a Mutoh VJ1324 Service manual. Any help would be very appreciated!! Thanks
  2. Suggestions Looking for billboard lighting

    Any ideas where I can find lighting similar to this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Mutoh Parts

    Any one know where I can get Mutoh cutter parts? I need to purchase a return pully (part MY-15216) for my Mutoh Kona. Mutoh says to order it through my dealer, my dealer says to order it through Mutoh. All I want is to get the part and get it as soon as possible. Found a place in Europe but...
  4. Applying to Coroplast

    Big Squeegee Easy Peasy
  5. HDO plywood

    OK, I guess that question made me sound stupid. But I always order my MDO primed, and this is HDO so it threw me.
  6. HDO plywood

    I just had a customer drop off a sheet of HDO. Works for the gov. and says must be HDO, rather than MDO what I have in stock. Anyway one side looks like cheap knotty pylwood and the other side had the paper backing. I always thought that the paper side was the back. Can I paint the paper side...
  7. Any Help IDing this font?

    Thank You!!!
  8. Any Help IDing this font?

    I'm tring to get this done today. Anyone recognize this font? Thanks for the help!
  9. I stumbled across it today

    Welcome form No. California
  10. Anyone change a cutter Main Board?

    Static electricity shocked me and fried the Main Board of my Graphtec/Q100 cutter. I'm thinking I can change it myself, but would like to hear from anyone who has done this before. Do you have to re-calibrate the cutter? It has the ARMS sensor.
  11. bread font

    Looks like Zapfino
  12. Valuejet printing only black! help!!

    Check the Print/Quility function on your machine. If all 3 lights are on it will print only in black.
  13. Hi Guys and Gals

  14. Speed or blowing away font?

    Does anyone know the names of any fonts that have the appearance of speed or blowing away? I know there are some out there, but I'm having a hard time finding any right now. Thanks
  15. Hey From MASS

  16. Technique question about applying vinyl to Static Cling

    I had a customer bring in a large static cling decal that another shop did. The cheap vinyl that was applied to the static cling shrunk and the whole thing had puckers.
  17. Its getting here today!

    I know his parents. I'm OLD. In fact I live a couple houses down from the house that he lived in. I use to own a business called Sights & Sounds, he would probably know me from that.
  18. Its getting here today!

    I have lived in Quincy most of my life. What is your friends name?
  19. Its getting here today!

    I means that it is not able to read your registration marks. Make sure you leave some space (a couple inches) on the right side when you print. By the way, how close is the fire to you?
  20. Hi All. Newbie