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  1. Blog advice

    I have followed Signs Never Sleep blog, for years. I thought it was a good mix and it seemed to have good traffic. Might give you some ideas.
  2. Hello From Lansing Michigan. Again

    Big Dawg.. Ours was Animal House at midnight down at the Meridian Mall.. Use to cruise Frandor and the Burger King across the street..
  3. Hello From Lansing Michigan. Again

    Hi Brandon708.. Thanks for the vote of confidence :) I can't believe how fast 6 years goes by. Scary!!
  4. Hello From Lansing Michigan. Again

    Hey Chuck. Right down the road from me.
  5. Hello From Lansing Michigan. Again

    @bigdawg Good question! I don't know if Westside is still around. I will have to check. It was awesome.
  6. Hello From Lansing Michigan. Again

    Hi, My name is Steve. I have been a member here for about 6 years and have been primarily lurking and taking in all the great information. It has been a long time since I introduced myself so, I thought I would do an updated one. I would also like to say Hello to Fred Weiss. I have been...
  7. Hello from Big D

    Howdy..I got the fear of bordom too.. Howdy Bill!! Nice to meet you.. I have the same fear of bordom.. Gotta stay busy..:Cool 2: Steve B..
  8. Hello All!

    Hello from across the lake Hello Jeff.. from across the lake.. Steve B..
  9. Hi Everyone

    Howdy Hello from Michigan.. Good luck in your new business. Steve B..
  10. I'm All In !!

    Hello From Lansing, MI Hello from a fellow Michigander.. :smile:
  11. Long time Lurker, 1st time poster..

    Thanks all for the replies. as you can see I figured out how to upload a pic.. DENNIS and DCCAS hello. Great a few people from Michigan here. Hello IDSIGN.. I am a MSU fan.. Biggest game of the year the 30th. Michigan V Michigan State. Always a great game. GEB.. I will be posting...
  12. Long time Lurker, 1st time poster..

    Hello All, My name is Steve and I reside in Lansing Michigan. I work full time in the Fire & Security detection business. I have to admit I have been lurking for several months reading and taking in lots of info. I got into the promotional products and printing with the purchase of a pad...