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  1. Molson Canadian specs

    Red = Pantone 1807 C Blue = Pantone 2955 C Grey = Pantone 877 C
  2. Lamination Issues!

    Hello, We had the same problem with laminated becoming wrinkled on the top roller. It was caused by the top roller not being level, which created more pressure on one side of the laminator. We had our dealer in with some special tool that looked like a fish weight scale (there was a really thin...
  3. Vehicle Template Questions

    1. Digital Auto Library 2006 2. Adobe Illustrator CS and Signlab 7.1 3. No 4. I like having different views of the vehicles ... Good variety ... Support for DAL is good 5. There are templates missing from the book for DAL, but are on the CD (the rep from DAL helped me find the missing...
  4. soljet 545ex white ink

    Hello, We have the 545EX with white ink ... its been very useful on some jobs, but in our area there really isn't a big demand for it. I've mostly used it for creating decals for toys (which we have done a lot of). I've also used it for clear cling and doing photos on clear (and they look great...
  5. versaworks

    Printer Hello, I haven't been able to find the exact item you need in the services list. The closest thing I've found from Brother to fix the issue is this ...
  6. versaworks

    Printer Hello, The Lexmark is just being used as an example ... I don't have any Lexmark printers either, but I used those steps ... What brand of printer are you trying to install? I'll see if I can find the the info you need. :)
  7. versaworks

    Printer Hello, We had the same issue when our printer was installed ... This is what I did to fix it ... Hopefully it helps ... :) Good luck! Please let me know if it works.
  8. New computer

    We do a mix of vinyl cutting and large format printing. I run versaworks for ripping with the majority of design done in Illustrator. I use Corel sometimes. I do most of the design for vinyl cut work, and all design for printing. I would prefer to design on the Mac, but being able to cut /...
  9. New computer

    Mac We would be getting an Intel iMac (20").
  10. New computer

    More info I forgot to mention I have Corel Draw 11 for Illustrator 10. :) Thanks!
  11. New computer

    Hello everyone! The owner is deciding on a new computer ... between a PC and a Mac ... My vote is for Mac (I have a Mac at home). What software can we use for vinyl cutting on a new Mac (we don't want to run Windows on it). The only program I want to avoid is Flexisign ... for two reasons ...
  12. Hello!

    Hello everyone! I stumbled across this forum while reading another forum. I'm really not sure what else to say LOL ... So I'll just tell you what I've done and what equipment I use ... I've been in the sign industry for around 10 years ... started out using a couple SummPaint printer/cutters...
  13. Need a font Identified please!

    Hello everyone! This is my first post, so I thought I'd make it useful :) My guess for the font is ITC Officina Display Hope that helps!