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  1. Too Cool - Vectors

    Eric, I have seen bits and pieces of this collection in other forms, some even on the imsi master clips cds, so I think a lot of these are in the public domain, and it would be hard to say where they came from really, but yes, better safe than sorry!
  2. Too Cool - Vectors

    Thank You These are lovely Jon. :thankyou:
  3. Anyone know what font this is?

    cgphenixamerican do a search for free got milk? font and it will come up here is a page
  4. looking for primitive clip art they have some nice mountain scenes I was surprised!
  5. Laboring on Labor Day - what y'all doing??

    spent the weekend and Monday packing and washing walls! We will be moving into our new farmhouse with a big ol barn in about two weeks, have to get the old home listed quick! Took time out for some wine and grilled lamb chops (pork chops for the kids)
  6. Can a man get a font ID I was looing for the same font- found it here for free!
  7. Font help please.....

    Looks like Folio but the C is a little bit different
  8. It's ugly but I need it! Aladdin
  9. 1 new Free font each month

    Thanks Nice, I like the berliner!
  10. Who Are You?

    Full time with storefront shop I work with my SO/Partner - He has been doing signs since he was a teenager 25+ years, I have been working with him for 10 years, we have a shop on a busy road and a lot of walk-in traffic. We do mostly vinyl work, billboards, signs, vehicle lettering, business...
  11. cool modern font AND Free

    Cool- :thankyou:
  12. Business Names??

    A Good Sign Always thought that was a good one! Welcome!
  13. I am...

    O' Brother where art thou- my fave!
  14. Do you have a graphics Degree?

    Self Taught Except for acing art classes in High School my partner and I are self taught. He did go to school to be a neon tube bender, he is the natural artist, I am decent with software and layout.
  15. Anyone know this font?

    the performance looks like a thin maiandra to me.
  16. Font ID please

    it is The aeroplane flies heavy- it has other names but you can find it above
  17. OK, what fonts are a must have

    some good stuff here too. I posted this awhile ago, some great talent here and all free, go to designers.
  18. OK, what fonts are a must have

    do some surfing- There are great fonts out there for free, if I were to compile my favorite list of fonts it would go on quite a while. search for free fonts- there is dafont font garden 101freefonts you will know when one is going to work on a sign buy how legible it is, give it the old squint...
  19. cool font find of the week

    Bleck No offense Eric, but I have a lot of free fonts that looks better than these......... OK maybe a few would be good for tee-shirt graphics or something, but I aint buyin'!
  20. Font ID needed - "Sounds of Silence"

    If that was a font, how could they assume that you are going to use a Y and a U to make an O in YOU? Maybe just modified, I don't know- doesnt look at all familiar-