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  2. Finally saying "Hi"

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  3. cut direct from Corel

    Thats what it was... Easysign, i almost got that one. They said it cuts form Corel.
  4. cut direct from Corel

    Thanks for the info, how is co-cut? I got the Flexi instead of the co-cut which was probably a mistike because i design only in corel and dont need to use flexi's design section so now i copy and paste into flexi and cut from there which is a pain. And now you ruined your chances to get into...
  5. cut direct from Corel

    I have tried asking this question but its like a sacred question not to ask anywhere because only the elders know and keep it a secret and only the people in the secret society will find out that answer..... I have a Master 24" and im still copying and pasting.
  6. ISA is in Orlando, Florida this year. Anyone going?

    Great, ill sign up then. on Friday what time are you all going out to eat? Ill probably try to get a room in orlando then for friday night and go to the event on saturday.
  7. ISA is in Orlando, Florida this year. Anyone going?

    Is this show only for people who own companies? if so i cant go... :0( *tear*
  8. ISA is in Orlando, Florida this year. Anyone going?

    Wow its really in orlando this year??? Im there! thats like down the road for me :thumb: What day are you all going? If its thru April 8th which is a Saturday that would probably be good so no one misses work?
  9. Help, file doing weird stuff...

    yes shovelhead is correct, delete the nodes in that area and smooth it out... another thing that sometimes helps is making the outline corners rounded:
  10. Newbie

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  11. Bigdawg's Daughter Here

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  15. 50 Year Old Forum Virgin

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  16. It's late and I'm blind...

    I myself get like 4 hours of sleep during the week because i feel id rather be doing other stuff then sleeping but i am usually tired and after a week straight of doing that im really exhausted so i sleep in during the weekends but if i continue to do that for like 2 weeks straight without...
  17. Different Name, Same Great Taste...

    thats cool that you know tang soo do, i wish i kept up with tae kuan do but my teacher left to texas when i was younger, it would come in handy to know how to give a non paying customer a dragon kick to the head :thumb:
  18. New 2 signs

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  19. Many thanks to Fred and Connie Weiss!

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  20. Well subdivide me and kentucky fry me!

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