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  1. Bluebird Residential Sandblasted/Carved HDU

    Bluebird Residential Sandblasted/Carved HDU

    a residential sign sandblasted and carved Bluebird, HDU
  2. Member Album by dccas

    Member Album by dccas

  3. Gold Leaf Residential Sandblasted/Carved  HDU

    Gold Leaf Residential Sandblasted/Carved HDU

    A couple wanted specific scenes for their new home, Michigan State Spartan, a fish, a club (LLWC), and Olivet College
  4. Logans Headstone

    Logans Headstone

    Sandblasted/Carved HDU
  5. AZ Scene

    AZ Scene

    Sandblasted/Carved HDU
  6. Attorney


    Sandblasted HDU with faceted Gold Leaf letters, this photo is with just a chrome yellow undercoat, gold applied later, I prime, painted the sign including letters twice with dark green, then yellow, makes a great base for the gold
  7. Gaylord MI Pavilion

    Gaylord MI Pavilion

    Sandblasted HDU with applied 2" HDU Carved flowers
  8. Michigan Black Bear

    Michigan Black Bear

    Carved/Sandblasted HDU and additional 2"HDU for Bear
  9. Yvonnes Meadow

    Yvonnes Meadow

    Sandblasted/Carved HDU Ladybugs - represent her three kids
  10. Texas Longhorn HDU Carved/Sandblasted

    Texas Longhorn HDU Carved/Sandblasted

    Texas Longhorn Carved/Sandblasted 2" HDU, applied (with gorilla glue) additional 2" HDU for additional depth, measures tip to tip 62", and backed with " MDO for additional strength
  11. Cedar Cove

    Cedar Cove

  12. Phebe Headstone HDU Sign

    Phebe Headstone HDU Sign

    Dog Head Stone
  13. Info needed on routing HDU

    I route my HDU with an 1 ½ HP Hitachi plunge router and a 1 hp hand held Porter Cable
  14. HDU Questions :)

    I use a high pressured air hose and blow it off, just be careful of the dust... I've also carved a skeleton of a Texas long horn steer head to scale, (approx 72" long), golfers, and many animal portraits for signs so it's a great product....just very porous
  15. 1st Annual Signs 101 T-Shirt Design Contest

    A couple of reasons why I can't (or won't) do a design, 1; My pc with sign programs cannot "talk" to the one on the net, can't recieve/send e-mails, nothing, two totally different machines 2; and the most important reason: I can't Compete with any of you...
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