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  1. For rushworks graphics ...

    Thought that you might appreciate this recent interview with Geddy Lee. Hard to believe they have been together 38 years! :)
  2. New shop preliminary floor plan

    hangar ... unless you are looking for something to hang your coat with :)
  3. Logo Critique

    Why yes of course, you are SO correct ;)
  4. Logo Critique

    Oddly, it's the same as yours without the mountain and the state name :) So, there is a good place to start for the OP ... add your state name and a state-relevant geographic symbol :)
  5. Online shopping carts - are you using one

    Prestashop has been gaining a lot of traction of late.
  6. Join the 824 Gang!

    Raul and Theresa's ?
  7. Price of gasoline, petroleum.. etc.

    Same here in Cow Town, "oil capital" of Canada :Canada 2: The "real" issue here is the price of beer! :beer I just arrived back home a couple hours ago from Phoenix where 18 MGD were $14.99 at the Fry's on Avondale & Buckeye ... and just got back in from yet another solo trip (to the beer...
  8. Companies Move Manufacturing Jobs Back to America

    Yep, and not just China. Caterpillar, via their Progress Rail Service Corp., moved 700+ jobs back to the USA, to Muncie, Indiana from London, Ontario. "Thanks!"
  9. Why does coffee in cafes taste 100x better than at home?

    - Tim Horton's coffee maker (Bunn - ready in 3 minutes!) :rock-n-roll: - Tim Horton's filters - there is a difference - Tim Horton's coffee - fine grind (same as in the store) - 18% coffee cream - a "tad" of sugar - minimum 3 pots per day WAY better than in the store :Canada 2:
  10. Canada's left Coast

    Another howdy from Cowtown :) :Canada 2: My Mom and sis are down-island in Sidney.
  11. Won an iPad 2 but...

    Make sure that it is not one of these :)
  12. My first crowd source attempt

    ^ + 1,000! And while you're at it, check this out ... should be Chapter 1 in Signs 101 :) And to add "insult to injury" ....
  13. Office printer

    Colour or B&W? A while ago, I picked up a cheap HP b&w laser at Staples ... 99.95 at the time. Of course, it's on now for 79.95! ... HP P1102w, a nice, small wireless that prints quickly; easy to set up and prints wirelessly from both my Mac & Win 7 64b PC. BUT ... I notice that the toner...
  14. Bacon

    ... and for dessert ... gotta luv Denny's :)
  15. how many would you print?

    Oh for goodness sakes, do the whole lot (200) at one crack! :) Assuming that the 65mm is width, that will give you about 20 "up" for 10 rows! .... your 540 will barley get warmed up :) If you are concerned about contour cutting, don't be! I have cut almost 1,000 at a shot at 1.75" x 0.25" after...
  16. 2NinerNiner2

    Looks as though that thread got locked before I could reply :) Yes, indeed the Spitfire was...

    Looks as though that thread got locked before I could reply :) Yes, indeed the Spitfire was there when I was :) ... the hangar was close to the Thunder Bay Flying Club ... where I got my Commercial Pilot licence and also my multi-engine rating. While at Con College, I worked part time for the...
  17. I just threw up in my mouth a little

    Confederation College - Aircraft Maintenance - Class of 1974! :thread
  18. I just threw up in my mouth a little

    Could have sworn that I saw that guy one night after stumbling out of the Murillo! :) :bushmill: ...or was it the Neebs? ... could of been both ;)
  19. Google targeted ads

    Perhaps you had a few congratulatory emails regarding your anniversary? Had a quick check on one of my gmail accounts and the ads change on each one and appear to be generated based upon the content of the email. You gotta luv "free" services, eh? :Canada 2:
  20. *** The S101 Sunday Funnies ***

    John and I are going to share a "fifth" :bushmill: :Canada 2: