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  1. Revisiting member...

    OK I'm not new but it's been a couple of years since I've been active on here. I miss the sign stuff since working with awnings and I enjoy picking up what's new and exciting in the sign world. I still cut vinyl just not for signs and I need to catch up. I see some familiar names and look...
  2. Best Panel Saw Blades?

    Who's Offering The Best Panel Saw Blades? Anything Better Than What We Pick Up At Lowes? We Cut Wood, Aluminum, Plastic, Fingers, Etc. And On That Note Has Anyone Seen Saw 4? Mab
  3. Attention all Suppliers or anyone who wants to sell a plotter!!!

    Die Cut? Are all of the designs the same outline for each bike? If so why not die cut? I've only had coro die cut so I don't know if it will cut clean but it may be worth looking into. Ask around to see who might provide die cutting in your area. MAB
  4. Font I.D.?

    Ok figured it out. Giovanni Bold. Good thing I'm playoing golf tomorrow! Good day all!
  5. Font I.D.?

    This looks so familiar but I'm drawing a blank, anyone?
  6. Production Schedule?

    Anyone use a specific software program for a production schedule? I've seen a schedule made up on an excel spread sheet and the Casper software we use has one but I'm curious if anyone finds it easier than other means? Other means being clipboards or wall boards. Do you seperate anything in your...
  7. New Cpu Deals?

    I'm shopping for a new CPU to replace one of my design/plot computers. Anyone seen any unbelievable deals this week? Mark
  8. Corel & CoCut

    Thanks guys! I run a Graphtec FC4100-75 and was considering running out of Corel but have never cut direct or used CoCut. I'll check out the Demo.
  9. Building Profiles ?

    What is involved in building profiles for print media and what do you need to do it effectively? I have an HP5000PS with UV ink.
  10. Corel & CoCut

    Is cutting from Corel 12 with CoCut a flawless effort? Anything to watch out for? Who has the best deal on CoCut?
  11. Hi, got a couple questions....

    Croma 24's made nice coat racks, best of luck.
  12. Marine Dress Blues?

    bump So far google has given me more than the other sites. Any other Marine websites? Mark
  13. Need MAC files opened

    OK time to go home, figured it out.
  14. Need MAC files opened

    Can anyone open a Mac file and convert it to an EPS for me? I have two photos needing opened. PM me with an email to send to. Thanks, Mark
  15. Font help

    You nailed it Fred! The e's were the weird letter on this one, kinda looks like pacman. lol Thanks for the help. Mark
  16. Font help

    I have one close but not exact, AmeriGarmond BT is as close as I have. If anyone has a better eye on this one. Thanks, Mark
  17. I'm in LOVE!!!

    You don't listen well Bella.
  18. I'm in LOVE!!!

    Congrats on your new machine Keleland! Thank you for serving OUR great country!
  19. Fading Away

    Thanks guys I'm an extreme novice with this sort of thing and that was a great tutorial.