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  1. VP owners unite!

    I haven't had any of those problems. But so far im not that impressed with firmware and software upgrade. I haven't had much time test the new profiles, but the one time i did it didnt look all that great. The ink looked like it was pooling on the vinyl. Going to try and do some more test...
  2. Roland Intelligent Pass Control Upgrade Available for the VP-300 & 540

    Just tried it... got the database error Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e57' String or binary data would be truncated. /color/support/passport/VPUpgrade/default.asp, line 621 what the heck???
  3. Drum roll please!

    WELCOME from NJ
  4. Howdy from NJ

    Welcome from Raritan NJ!
  5. Hey from NJ

    Gald you made to the party Warren!!
  6. Ever thrown anyone out of your shop?

    Hell of a policy there..... do you sell just over then Internet?
  7. Good SPYWARE / VIRUS removal programs??????????

    AVG Anti-Virus, they have a paid and free version.
  8. Glad I made it

    Welcome from NJ :thumb:
  9. Quickbooks

    Been using Pro a little over a year. takes a while to learn it, but Works great. :biggrin:
  10. First banner - Woo Hoo

    Banner Tape Looks good! Would even look better with a hem.
  11. Montana Sign Guys Says Hi

    Welcome :thumb:
  12. Greetings To All and Happy to Have Found this Forum...

    Welcome from New Jersey I use Adobe CS Illustrator, photo shop and flexi for all design.
  13. Starrbro

    Welcome from New Jersey You will wish you found this place two years a go. Its the first place I search when I have a question..
  14. hello to all

    Welcome Welcome from New Jersey Go with the 24"
  15. Newbie starting out in garage

    Welcome Welcome from NJ.... Out door prints with your hp might be ok for a while if you laminate. You need to figure out what inks and media you can use, take a look at the specs. If you get a cutter start with a 24", mien has served me well and going strong.
  16. Which Laminator Should I Buy?

    I have the 38" Quikmount 4, it sucks but cant beat it for the price. The take up roll almost never works, I end up rolling it by hand. :beer
  17. New to Site

    Welcome from Jersey:thumb:
  18. Front ID??

    Thanks every one, I ended up using Stymie for the lettering, I was more conserened about the numbers really. I ended up using Yearbook for them. Good call Jim :thumb: I bet that was it but Im to tired to look... Peace :cool:
  19. Front ID??

    Any Help would be much appricaated... thanks
  20. When to wet

    Never Wet..!! if its to cold , do it on a nicer day