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  1. Signs 101 Business Model

    I am sorry you think I am an idiot, tecdady...You are incorrect. I'll remember your comment though. Fred, How about this... I didn't mean to ruffle feathers and cause tension. It was not 100% clear to me what was going to happen and frankly, still isn't. :frustrated: Doesn't matter...
  2. Signs 101 Business Model

    Hmmm. Maybe I don't much matter to people on this forumn but please know that I do think this is a cool site. So cool that I recommend all kinds of sign companies that I speak with join for the vast information and expert advice. Unless something like Westcoast Sign Guy...
  3. How did you come to find Signs-101

    I searched "Sandblasting Chatrooms" on Yahoo or Google I forget which. This is what turned me onto the best Sign site on the web. :U Rock: Signs101
  4. Extreme Makeover Design Contest

    Sign-Man that sign is funny as hell. I'll bet you are proud to have that in between those other two you did!!!??? Holly Smokes... I can hardly even read it!! Thats funny right there. I don't care who you are. That is funny.:biggrin: Are people for real? Do you think that guy seriously...
  5. Hello from the Uk

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  8. Brief Introduction

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  9. Hey Ya'll from South Carolina

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  11. Car decals - New to this

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  12. Hello Everyone! From a wholesale sandblaster !

    Atlanta, huh... Welcome If you ever have sandblast-related questions, let me know. Thanks,
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  15. Proper Intro (Loooooong)

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