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  1. Where is my text cursor in 7.6?

    Do you have all the updates? Mine did this some time ago -- I just got used to it -- but it doesn't anymore. Check out amiable's website & download the most current update. Myron
  2. printing panels in flexi question

    If you double-click on the panel it puts a cross-hatch on it and basically turns it off. Pretty simple. Only took me about 4 years to figure that one out! Myron
  3. Illustrator Question??

    Can't you do that in your rip software?
  4. Helvetica question

    But Swiss721BT is Very close to Hellvetica
  5. I don't Know!

    Thanks, Guys!!
  6. I don't Know!

    Thanks, Shovel! Could you be a little faster next time?!?!:notworthy: You don't know of another similar, do you? $255 is a little steep for this project! Thanks, Again Myron
  7. I don't Know!

    I thought I knew.....I don't! Thanks in advance! Myron
  8. Scaling in Fpro 7.6v2?

    Ok let's see if I can get this out of my brain in an understandable manner! Draw your box. ctrl-k input the size you want the box to be(in the nominal "size" box) hit 'tab' -- that changes the rest of the boxes but doesn't take effect until you click the check mark select the value in...
  9. Scaling in Fpro 7.6v2?

    What I do may be kind of BassAckwards but it works. I do the box like you said, but in the dialog box for percentage, I just ctrl-c the number. Then, I select all & ctrl-v the percentage into the box & click the check mark. Bingo. Myron
  10. JV3 Color Problem

    Me too! I would like to know exactly what you are doing. Depending on the job & how black we want, we use 20,20,20,100 or 40,40,40,100. Myron
  11. I need a Font that is close to "Murray"
  12. Sending Jobs Saves As Native Files

    Look at the dialog box when production manager comes up. There should be a pull-down menu with: Send Now; Hold In List; & Save To File. Select Send Now & you should be good to go! Myron
  13. Textile? or Lucida Big Casual?

    Thanks, Fred! I Think I'll just pick something close & see if I can get by with it. Thanks, Myron
  14. Textile? or Lucida Big Casual?

    Does anybody know of a free version similar to these? I don't mean to be a cheapskate, but I have on line of copy I need to set for a banner & I hate to spend $20 on it. Thanks, Myron BTW I don't have much of a sample, this is all I have!
  15. What did I do now?

    Alright, I was working in FlexiSign 7.6. I right-clicked on something & a dialog box came up. I hit cancel & went on about what I was doing. The next time I went to edit some text & right-clicked to get the pull-down with "text styles" in it, I get a magnifying glass and it zooms out. If I...
  16. This font is driving me CRAZY!

  17. This font is driving me CRAZY!

    I know I have it, but I can;t figure it out! Any ideas on the main copy? Thanks, Myron
  18. Guitarists - Gear

    I play with the praise band at church. Jamine(Takamine) acoustic effects-just cowboy chords! Myron
  19. Ink near end - head cleaning?

    Thanks again, iSign! As far as why I don't have extra ink? Just dumb, I guess. It's never really been a problem--when the machine beeps & says "near end" I just order it then. It's here the next day & I'm not down. Well, now I guess I know better! I'll have an entire extra set here this...
  20. Ink near end - head cleaning?

    Thanks, iSign, but of course I don't have a new cartridge!! that's where my problem is. Thanks anyway, Myron