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  1. Gerber Edge LE Thermal Printer - For Sale by Auction

    I try the link and it doesnt work. How much do u want for it?
  2. help trying to drain the ink

    I am trying to drain the ink from my versacamm and the guy who came out and installed it said I can use two cartridges instead of the four. But it says it wants four. How do you bypass that. Thanks Karen
  3. Can the sheeter be used as a laminator

    Its February any news on the sheeter laminator? karen
  4. FlexiSign 7.6 and Eye candy 5 Impact

    warning! doing so will increase your load time for flexi. and some not all plugin will cause flexi to hang on start up. if it happens to you. just clear your flexi preferences: progams > flexi sign pro X.X > Clear preferences. Where do you find this at in the flexi or (programs) I can't locate...
  5. Can the sheeter be used as a laminator

    Has anybody heard if they came out with the attachment or a complete system? Thanks Karen
  6. How to draw in photoshop? lol

    jayhawk - After you dress it up do you then export it back to flexi
  7. Is there a mask tool in coreldraw 10

    I can't find a mask tool like in flexi in coreldraw. Any one know how to mask in coreldraw. Thanks Karen
  8. Whats the diff? SP300 and SP300V

    I got it from Sign OUtlet Store from Illinois. I had to put a down payment before the end of the year so I could get the $3000.00 rebate but I pay the balance when it is delivered. I am dealing with Kevin - very nice guy. karen
  9. Whats the diff? SP300 and SP300V

    I am getting my roland 300v this saturday - got the rebate - got a real good deal. Got everything for $13844.00 - which included the roland printer cutter. shipping on site training triangle bulk ink system flexipro 7.x upgrade and a starter kit. And the guy who is bringing it has a bunch...
  10. Newby with a first question

    I have a vacuum forming machine with lots of decorative molds and letters to go with. Its in storage - worked fine the last time I used it. Bought from a guy that went out of business soon after too????? If someone wants to buy it make an offer. You can email me at
  11. Is there a difference between the SC500 and the SC545?

    I am not sure I quite understand when you say very few profiles for the sc500.
  12. Is there a difference between the SC500 and the SC545?

    Not sure what the difference is? And can the SC 500 use the new triangle inks? ANy one Thanks Karen
  13. Can the sheeter be used as a laminator

    That sounds good. If you here anything please post. Thanks Karen
  14. Can the sheeter be used as a laminator

    I just got my 24" sheeter and I am loving it. I thought I saw someone say you can't use it as a laminator. Was just wandering why you wouldn't be able to use it as a laminator. Looks like it would work great. ANyone have any information as to why not would be greatly appreciatted. Thanks...
  15. Flexi weld question

    How do you do the outline the text with solid backing I can't find that function anywhere. That would work perfect?
  16. Flexi weld question

    I have a word that I outlined I have them the same color now but I don't want my cutter to cut the lines out that are in the center. For some reason it won't weld together. Is there another way to do this. THanks Karen
  17. Adobe Photoshop Question

    I just want to save the object not the white box around it. I use the magic wand tool to select just the object but when I save it and open it in flexi the white box around it comes too. Any help would be appreciatted Thanks Karen :help:
  18. how to add color to your vector image in flexi

    I am trying to change and fill with color my vector image in flexi - I don't know what I am doing wrong I was able to do it before and can't remember what i did. Brain **** I think Any help would be appreciatted Thanks karen
  19. Where do you buy gerber foils at.

    Sorry I am in Northwest Indiana