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  1. Flexi 8.1v1

    look under the preferences...edit menu I think. Icc's should come preloaded? Jay
  2. Is this possible in Flexi ?

    you can use the cross cut option in the graphtec option in production manager, but you must have your cutter set to accept condition from the software... we have ours set to use machine settings instead of the software settings, so it don't work with ours set this way. Jay
  3. OTF and FLEXI

    I just installed as normal....restart flexi and it should be in there. Jay
  4. FC7000 Cutting Issues

    We use a setting of 17, 50, 4, 0 respectively from top to bottom on our machine...mind you that the force on yours may be adjusted accordingly to your blade depth in the holder. Ours barely sticks out a little. We also let the machine control the setting, not the software. I agree with doing...
  5. Flexi contour cutting Help!!!

    Sorry I just re-read your post.... Try looking at this... Jay
  6. Flexi contour cutting Help!!!

    Im assuming you have the image and contour already setup? If so, just got to the print menu and it automatically creates the reg. marks for you...under the 3rd tab in Prod. Manager, there is cutter option at the that and you can specify "print only, contour only, or as seperate...
  7. Does anyone know how to do this?

    look for apply template, under the file menu I think...pop up box with the different templates or customize one and save as template. Jay
  8. dealing with gradients

    rasterize it how does it look with soft proof on? also make sure the in prod. manager profile, gradient smoothness is set to enhanced or super. Jay
  9. contour cutting

    signwarehouse has a tutorial on their website for adjusting the contour cutting... Jay
  10. Differences between these two Rolands?

    you will use the take up reel more than you think... Any thing over 4' (which is pretty common) for me would drag the ground if I didn't have a take up reel. It's a must, maybe not at first, but it will be! Before we bought our mimaki, I was looking at the XC, the SC would probably be a good...
  11. Production Manager

    change the temporary destination...possibly to a scratch disk. Jay
  12. $3.000 joke!

    lol...good ole salesmen! Jay
  13. $3.000 joke!

    I think Flame may have said it came with his printer? Jay
  14. $3.000 joke!

    Price is pretty steep, but if you add the cost of AI, plus a rip software, it can get more costly. Not saying it's justifiable, but your not just buying the designing part with flexi are also getting a rip, too. I haven't used any other rip beside flexi and the mimaki rip that came...
  15. $3.000 joke!

    I've been running flexi since it was casmate on an old DOS system (most here don't know what DOS is!). From a problem side that has been SAi's trademark...we have ordered, built, & upgraded everything they told us that they used, but still the random crashes occurred. From a tools stand point...
  16. Does anyone buy back empty SS2 cartridges?

    I trash mine!
  17. Outline

    pretty sure flexi doesn't retain the transparent background in any file format. Jay
  18. Outline

    or use the magic wand in flexi and select the background...invert selection...under bitmap menu, convert marquee to shape...mask. Jay
  19. JV3 cartridge chips - question

    do yall have this problem often...I can't remember but one time that I had a cartridge expire and that was the suppliers fault? Or yall talking about bulk inks? Jay
  20. Contour cutting issue?

    what version of flexi? I know when we got our printer (jv3) and cutter (graphtec) that we had trouble at first, but after contacting graphtec about the issue, they told us to contact SAI (flexi) that they had a patch for the 8.1 that solved the contour issue. After speaking with several...