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  1. Mutoh 1024 service manual

    I would like a copy if those that have it don't mind passing it on. Even a link to purchase it would be ok. thank you.
  2. Question about blurring a photo

    a slightly different method: 1. place a photo. 2. create a path to cover the area you want to fade. 3. fill the path with a white/black gradient 4. select the gradient and photo 5. On the transparency pallet select make opacity mask.
  3. VJ1204 and GMI Hi-Stat Cling

    well, the alcohol didn't make a difference. Bi-Di actually appears to help... heating settings made a big difference. Too low = bad, Too high = really bad. I think I have it printing so-so. A little more playing might do it. Luckily, the customer thinks it wonderful... Thanks for the tips...
  4. VJ1204 and GMI Hi-Stat Cling

    Anyone have any luck printing on GMI Hi-Stat Cling (8mil white). GMI even has a profile for the printer/material combo but I can't even get close to a good print. Very splotchy... Any hints/tips/tricks? Thank you
  5. Square Foot Price for Mutoh Inks

    We use .50¢/SqFt as ink cost for our VJ1204.
  6. fibre under the print head

    I have this problem also. To clean it, I place a lint free cloth wet with solvent on the parking station, then park the head for several minutes. Then remove the cloth, use a swab to wipe away what you can. Don't know if this is the best solution, but it helps me...
  7. roller banding

    I have a VJ1204 and see this same thing every morning when I start printing. I think is has to do with material temperature. When I can I just print the lighter colors first.
  8. Prints Mounted to Coro Curling...

    My quick fix is the trim the coro a bit. I'll keep an eye on my guys to see if any cause pops out... Thanks for the input everyone
  9. Prints Mounted to Coro Curling...

    Mutoh Valuejet 1204 Mutoh Eco Inks Temps set at 40-45-50
  10. Prints Mounted to Coro Curling...

    My prints typically sit for a day (overnight) before lam & mount...
  11. Prints Mounted to Coro Curling...

    I have some heavy coverage prints (oracal 3651) & lam with oraguard 210, mounted to coro. Lately I'm seeing some curl along the edges. Usually the edge with the flutes exposed. Any thoughts on the cause? I have been using this combo for over a year and haven't had this problem. Mounting was...
  12. valujet 48" or 64" need opinions

    I have the 48", don't do wraps, and would buy the 64" if I was starting over.
  13. Prism Jet V Speed? I Don't Believe The Claims.

    The samples that I got from SW were quit nice, but they were not printed at 140/SqFt/Hr on a VJ1204
  14. Take Up System on Mutoh?

    I got the take-up unit with my VJ1204. It works great. I have had no problems, even when running off a full roll of 13oz banner material. The rotation speed is not a problem. It only runs long enough to take up the slack then waits
  15. what setting to use for banner on valuejet
  16. Which printer?

    I have a ValueJet and my customers are very pleased with the image quality. The price is quite nice also...
  17. Heater setting for vinyl banner material

    I run 13oz with my heaters at 43pre/38plat/48post with good results. I also have my head in the high position.
  18. Anyone know the font used in Coffee Bean Logo?

    I'm not having any luck finding the font in The Coffee Bean logo, anyone know the font? Here is a link to a vector logo A gif link also Thank you
  19. So What's YOUR ValueJet Print Mode?

    Over the long term I absolutely wouldn't expect an exact match. Materials change, inks change, equipment may be updated, etc. Maybe my customers just aren't as picky as yours...